What are the pros and cons of nicotine gum over cigarettes?

What are the pros and cons of nicotine gum over cigarettes?You might be well aware about nicotine gum yourself. Why is it used for? what are the pros and cons of nicotine gum over cigarettes? So, basically it’s used by the addictors of smoking, who want to quit smoking but still they can’t because of the addiction they are facing. So they have to find an alternative to it.

You should be well aware about it before starting to use it as an alternative. Maybe your doctor or counselor has recommended it to you but be well aware of how to use it and what problems it can cause to you.

Quitting smoking is not an easy process, and the one who starts smoking becomes addicted to it, and also it’s not beneficial for your health. So it’s better to quit it as soon as possible. So nowadays one of the best things used as an alternative for those who want to quit smoking and leave cigarettes is nicotine gum.

Everyone of you decided to quit smoking and now just move on. But do you know? It’s  not the cigarettes that you become addicted to, but it’s the nicotine found in them which is the cause of your addiction. So in order to find a thing which also has nicotine, so this thing is nicotine gum.

It’s been proven by RDA so it’s safe to use for as much time as the doctor has advised you to use it.

Though nicotine gum has a number of benefits, it has it,s cons too and you will notice them once you have started using it.

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Pros and cons of nicotine gum:

So let’s discuss with you, what are the pros and cons of nicotine gum over cigarettes? So before starting to use it as a replacement to smoking, you should be well aware about its advantages and disadvantages. And use them in a way by which you can avoid its disadvantages as much as you can.



1. You just need a piece of nicotine gum to fulfill your craving. Just one gum. But in cigarettes you smoke more nicotine to satisfy your craving.
2. It also provides quick relief as compared to the nicotine used in cigarettes because it dissolves more quickly as compared to the nicotine present in cigarettes.
3. It also helps you in some of the other ways as when you start quitting cigarettes, you face a number of other issues like irritation, difficulty in focusing and anxiety, so this gum also cures these issues providing you extra relief.
4. Whenever you are taking counseling and consulting someone about quitting smoking, it’s difficult to quit that easily without using any other alternative to it, but by using it, the chance of quitting smoking increases.
5. It’s easy to use at any place. Wherever you are; with friends or at a public place or a place where you can’t smoke because of certain reasons but you can just take it in your mouth and chew it.
6. You can also manage quitting nicotine by controlling its regular dosage easily as compared to smoking because you don’t easily become addicted to it.
7. It also helps to keep your mouth busy chewing as you chew other gums helping you to make a jawline.
8. You don’t have any emotional attachment established to nicotine gum which otherwise you established to your cigarettes.
9. It is an FDA-approved medication, so it’s not harmful to use it for a short time.
10. One of the other interesting benefits which you will like is that it loses your appetite and also helps you to lose weight in return. You keep on chewing the gum and your mouth keeps on moving so you don’t feel any craving to eat anything else.
11. It doesn’t spread any of the diseases which otherwise you have to suffer as a smoker. So it’s less harmful as compared to cigarettes.
12. You can also try a number of flavors if you do not like the original flavor of it.but in cigarettes you just find that one taste.
13. Cigarettes also smell bad but they don’t.
14. It is a remedy to diabetes which you face due to smoking because of the increasing level of insulin in your body.


1. Though it is not an addiction as cigarettes are, when you use it long-term you can become used to it and don’t want to leave it. And though it is not as harmful as cigarettes, excess of everything is bad.
2. And if it helps you to lose weight it also helps you to lose your hair a lot. As it has been recorded that a lot of people complained about hair loss after long term use and sometimes just after the use of them.
3. You have read in its pros that it is a remedy to the diabetes which are caused by smoking, but when you overdose on nicotine gum, it can lead you to the opposite situation, causing you to face low sugar levels.
4. It helps in the raising of your heartbeat.
5. It can also cause the raising of blood pressure.
6. It is expensive as compared to cigarettes.
7. Some of the people complain about its taste and that it is not that good to like it.
8. A person who is facing some dental problem like having braces etc. can’t use it because he is not allowed to chew gum.
9. Some people feel uncomfortable chewing gum in a public place or in a gathering.
10. Long-term chewing of nicotine gum can cause jaw problems and sometimes teeth problems too.
11. Sometimes you also face headache, nausea, sweating, heartburning etc.
12. Chewing it too fast can cause dizziness.
13. Its overdose can lead you to anxiety and depression.
14. If you swallow the gum your stomach can get upset.
15. Pregnant women are not allowed to use it.

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So, if you are using it, use it after consulting with your doctor in which way he recommends you to quit your smoking. And if he has recommended to use it as a replacement so don’t use it for a long time.and the last thing, before starting to use it, be well aware of; what are the pros and cons of nicotine gum over cigarettes?

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