Can you eat pizza on a plant-based diet?

Can you eat pizza on a plant-based diet?If you are a pizza lover and at the same time going through a plant-based diet plan you might worry about the thing that, Can you eat pizza on a plant-based diet? Because maybe you are sticking to your diet plan in a well mannered way, but no, when it comes to pizza you can’t stop thinking about it.

So, it’s not that your plant-based diet will not get affected at all by the pizza because you know yourself the ingredients used in it and if you are just not wanting meat so you can choose a number of other versions of pizza to eat.

You can change just the whole version of pizza according to your plant-based diet without worrying about your diet, it will not get affected at all.

So, in order to make it clear to you what foods you need to avoid in a plant- based diet and Can you eat pizza in a plant-based diet? Let’s start.

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Foods to avoid in a plant-based diet:

So, you know well by yourself that what comes opposite to the plant-based diet, it’s meat, eggs and dairy products. But there are also some other foods of which you don’t know clearly about, but they can affect your plant-based diet;

1. meat:

You need to avoid any food derived from animals. In it comes every kind of meat;

Beef, pork,horse, lamb, veal etc.
Chicken, goose, duck, turkey, quail etc.
fishes of every kind; shrimps, scallops, mussels, crab, lobster and even fish oils and sauces.

   2. Dairy products:

There are some other foods derived from animals like milk, cheese, butter, cream, ice-cream, yogurt etc. which you also need to avoid alongwith the meat of every kind.

  3. Eggs:

Eggs of every bird; Chicken, ostrich, quail and even fish.

    4. Bee products:

You might wonder, why bee products? But as we say every product derived from animals should be avoided so also them; honey, pollen and bee wax.

    5.Additives derived from animals:

Then other than foods, there comes some additives derived from animals, which are being labeled as E number in Europe, though you can use some of them. So let’s be clear which of them you need to avoid in a plant-based diet.

E120 Carmine; it’s basically derived from Ground cochineal scale insects and used for coloring of foods, so before buying any of the food, see if they have this product.
E441 Gelatine; you know about this ingredient yourself that it comes from the bones and skin of some of the animals.
E542 Bone phosphate; it’s used for keeping the moisture of the foods.
E901 Beeswax; as you know that you can’t use a product made up of bees.
E904 Shellac; it is used for a number of coating and waxing purposes but as it has been derived from an insect, you can’t use it.
E910, E920, E921 L-cysteine and its derivatives; you might think that bread is an ingredient which you can use on a plant-based diet and it is in that way but sometimes the market-based bread contains this ingredient and it is too derived from animal hair or feathers.
E913 Lanolin; it is also derived from animal products like wooly animals so avoid its use.
E966 Lactitol; made- up of milk and you need to avoid any of the dairy products and the additives derived from dairy products.

So before eating any of the food, read if they have any of these ingredients, and if they have avoided using them.

       6. Some other products:

Then there are some other foods which are vegan but sometimes they have some ingredients related to animal products like;

Bread; which you buy from the market sometimes contains L-cysteine,   which is derived from the feathers of a number of birds.
Some beers also contain eggs ingredients, gelatine, isinglass etc so avoid the use of beer or find one which doesn’t have these elements used in it.
Some jellies, gums, and sweets are made up of gelatine and have the food coloring of carmine, so avoid their use too in your plant-based diet.
French fries which are made up of potatoes but still fried in animal oil can again result in the using of animal products.
Pastas contain eggs, which is an animal- based product so avoid eating pasta or find one without eggs.
Refined sugar because bone-char has been used in it.
Roasted peanuts because in order to keep the spices stick to them they use gelatin so use normal peanuts.
Some dark chocolates; usually they are not but sometimes they also contain some dairy products.
Worcestershire sauce.

These are the foods which you use considering them plant-based but then lead you to animal-based diet by this way or that. So try to be careful.

How Can You Eat Pizza on a plant-based diet?

Looking at the long descriptions of the foods that you need to avoid in a plant-based diet you might be worried that how still, can you eat pizza on a plant-based diet? So let’s get an answer to your Question.

About cheese:

So if you are a cheese lover, but you have seen that eating cheese in pizza is being restricted because it’s been a dairy product, don’t worry, you can use classic-cheese for this, in short you can find a dairy-free cheese in the market. So you can still enjoy pizza with cheese.

And if it’s not the craving for cheese in pizza then you can order a cheese-free pizza even and better try it at home, and use green sauces as an alternative to pizza.

About veggies:

You can enjoy a number of veggies in your vegetable pizzas; like mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, green peppers etc, that you will forget about meat and cheese.

About sauces:

So as a vegetarian you can try sauces like, classic marinara sauce, barbecue with caramelized onions and mushrooms and you can search for a number of others to enjoy your pizza fully on a plant-based diet.

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