What happens when you quit smoking and start vaping?

What happens when you quit smoking and start vaping?If you are a smoker and a tobacco smoker and wants to get rid of inhaling that tobacco everyday which contains a number of harmful chemicals, and wanting to replace it with vaping of electronic cigarette, so you are at right place. Here we will answer to your Question that, What happens when you quit smoking and start vaping?

What is the difference between smoking and vaping?

You yourself if you have visited the site to know that, What happens when you quit smoking and start vaping? Might be aware of the fact that vaping is quite less harmful than smoking tobacco. So, what is the reason behind it? And why does smoking cause more harmful effects than vaping?

So when you smoke you burn tobacco which in return spreads nicotine in your body causing a number of smoking issues to your health. On the other hand vaping which is smoking through electronic cigarettes also spreads nicotine but it is less harmful as compared to actual smoking of tobacco.

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If you have quit smoking and start vaping:

Let’s come back to our main topic: What happens when you quit smoking and start vaping?

No doubt not smoking and even not vaping are in a single way beneficial to your health, other than you try to convince yourself that they are. So, you need to avoid them both. But if you are a regular smoker and want to quit smoking, you can replace it with vaping which is less harmful, but after that also eventually try to quit it too.

So, we will discuss here with you timewise that what benefits you get out of replacing your tobacco cigarettes with electronic cigarettes:


The most benefit in your health which you notice after quitting smoking is in the early hours. So in the very starting hours, your oxygen level in your body starts getting balanced, irrespective of the fact that you are vaping. Because one of the harmful chemicals of tobacco cigarettes is carbon monoxide which prevents the normal level of oxygen from reaching your body while it’s not the same with vaping, so your oxygen level starts improving.


So, when a whole day has passed and you haven’t burnt a single cigarette, you are on the way to improving your health. In that much time your body has gotten rid of all the carbon monoxide that’s being present in it and along with this a number of other harmful toxins have been removed from your body, which are present in tobacco cigarettes and not in the electronic one.


You might be thankful to yourself or the person who has guided you to quit smoking in that way, because you will be feeling so good. All of your senses will also start improving. You will have a better sense of taste than before and will start enjoying the food, and also start smelling in a good way.


Smoking is really too injurious to your health. And once you have set yourself firmly to quit it so you can do it. Within three days of quitting tobacco cigarettes, you will see that the difficulty which you face prior because of smoking has also gone, and you are fresh and feeling great energy in your body.


So, once you have reached that goal of maintaining it for that much time, you have done a great benefit for your body. Even if you are still vaping in these months, still the benefits of smoking will go away.

You will have a better breathing than before, also your coughing and wheezing will get a lot improved and even sometimes fully normal.


You might be aware about the facts that smokers are more prone to heart attacks because smoking damage your heart cells completely ,and it’s not the same with vaping, because it doesn’t have harmful effect on your heart cells, so your heart will get completely repair in the 5 years of quitting the smoking and now their will be 50% low chance of heart attack.


The most affected parts of your body because of smoking are your lungs. And once you have quit it for that much time. The risk of lung cancer will also be reduced. But vaping is also not that good if you are taking it lifetime as a replacement for your smoking. It’s better to try to quit it eventually, so you will get more health benefits.

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How can you quit smoking and start vaping:

So let’s give you three ways which you can use, once you have made up your mind of quitting smoking and shifting to vaping as to satisfy yourself;

1. First you have seen people that shifting to a high quality electronic cigarettes which contain low level of nicotine, but as much as we can understand, no doubt they are good as compared to the local electronic pen type cigarettes,  but they cause you craving for that nicotine level that you are normally getting, so normal kind of electronic cigarettes are quite better because in the start they help you to satisfy your needs rather than shifting back to tobacco cigarettes.
2. Then choose the flavour which you will really enjoy, if you haven’t tasted them before so you can try all of the flavours to choose the favourite one. Different flavours are; menthol, fruits, desserts, tobacco based flavours etc. once you have chosen one, stick to it and once you have stick to them, you will notice how bad tobacco cigarettes actually smells and tastes.
3. Choosing the right strength of nicotine is also necessary. For this you can consult your shopkeeper from whom you are buying your electronic cigarettes about how much strength is fine for you. And you can also guess it if you are feeling the electronic cigarette harsh on your throat, so you have to reduce the nicotine-strength.

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