How can I reduce my sleeping hours?

How can I reduce my sleeping hours?When it comes to the point that you start thinking, How can I reduce my sleeping hours? Whether it’s because you have a work burden because of which you want to reduce your sleeping hours or because you are too lazy and sleep extra hours than normal, so you want to make up a schedule.

But keep one thing in mind that when you start reducing your sleep hours, you have to focus on a number of other things like when you sleep less you face less energy and productivity so you have to maintain your energy well along with the routine of your sleep.

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Sleep Requirements:

Sleep no doubt is a blessing. And lack of sleep can result in a number of mental health and physical health disorders such as; depression, hypertension, obesity, irritation, loss of appetite, physical weakness etc. So for a normal human being sleeping 7 hours is compulsory, and for children or teenagers these sleeping hours even ranges from 8-10.


10 Tips to follow to reduce your sleeping hours:

But as we have discussed earlier, if you want to manage your sleeping hours because of any of your work issues or laziness you can do it, but keep one thing in mind that you also have to maintain your physical well being.

So let’s give you very interesting points about your question; How can I reduce my sleeping hours? Along With maintaining of your energy level:


1. Training your body to fall asleep early:

Rather than wasting your time in your bed, tossing here and there and still you can’t sleep, you need to train your body on how to sleep fast. For this follow the following factors;

Relax your body and mind of every useless thought.
Turn off the lights before an hour of sleeping.
And don’t waste this hour lying in bed but follow your night routine, like brushing teeth, washing your face etc.
Dress yourself in comfortable clothes.

This will help you to relax and that two or three hours which you will waste on bed without sleeping you will fall asleep early and then be able to wake up early.

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2. Turn off the electronic devices:

Once you have reached that one hour in which you just have to get ready for falling asleep; leave every of the usage of electronic devices like;          

Laptop etc.

The artificial blue light emitted by these devices help to protect you from sleeping and also once you have started using them, your three to four hours of sleeping get wasted in which you can get ample sleep. So stop their usage before an hour of going to sleep. So, you will be able to get proper sleep of at least some hours.

3. Limit consumption of alcohol:

No doubt alcohol can cause you fall asleep quickly but it has a number of disadvantages as well like;

It causes sleep disruption.
Poor sleep quality.

All these factors result in affecting your energy level though you can fall asleep early but it  can cause you difficulty in waking up, also causing low energy level and dizziness because of which your purpose of limiting your sleep gets wasted.

4. Reduce noise:

Fall asleep in a place where there is no noise and you can relax yourself. A number of external noises like neighbourhood, traffic and even sometimes the noise of your family members can affect your sleep. For this use earplugs or a white noise machine.

5. Maintaining a routine:

Once you have kept in mind that you will sleep that much hours from this to this time. Stick to it. No matter if you were free the whole day, or you were having fun on weekends, or busy with your work, but sleep and wake up with the same routine. So that though your sleeping hours will be fewer but you can get quality sleep in those fewer hours without any external or internal disturbance.

6. Buy a new pillow:

If you have bought a pillow keep one thing in mind that just use it for 1-2 years because after that it has a number of issues like;

It becomes lumpy and loses its shape.
It proves unsupportive to your neck and head.
Fill with dust mites.

And all these factors can affect your quality time of sleeping so if your pillow has gotten that old, go and buy a new and comfortable one so that you can get a comfortable sleeping.

7. Avoid eating a heavy meal at night:

Avoid eating heavy foods like; pizza, burger etc before falling asleep, because they can affect your sleep a lot and can make you awake for a long time. Instead of them choose these foods to eat at night to get a better sleep even for some fewer hours;

Chamomile tea.
Tart cherry juice.
Fatty fish.
Passionflower tea.
White rice.
Oatmeal etc.

8. Reading:

Reading your favourite book before sleeping can also make you fall asleep early. It helps you to;

Reduce stress.
Good thoughts etc.

9. Exercise daily:

You can search for a number of beneficial exercises, which can help you to get good sleep. It’s better to exercise in the morning but if you don’t get time in the morning you can also exercise at night.  This will help you a lot in balancing your sleep.

10. Create a morning routine:

For getting a good and quality sleep and waking up early, not only night but morning routine is also necessary, having a cool bath, saying your prayers, exercising, all these things make you peaceful and have a high energy level in the morning.

So, by following all of these tips you can get a quality sleep, though if your sleeping hours are less, but when you sleep properly in these less sleeping hours, you are able to produce productivity and high energy level in your routine. You need to follow all of these methods for leading a healthy life and getting healthy sleep.

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