Can you drink beer on a plant based diet

Can you drink beer on a plant based dietSo, Are you a beer lover and at the same time having a plant-based diet? So, you are thinking, can you drink beer on a plant based diet? So, let’s make it clear to you that beer is considered as a vegan version of alcohol while alcohol is a non-vegan product and there are a number of reasons behind it.

Ok so first be clear about it that not all the beers are vegan but not all are non-vegan. The reason behind a non-vegan beer is that during filtration they use isinglass in it and you should be well aware about the fact that it is made up of the fish bladders.

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And the other awful thing is that you can’t tell whether the beer is vegan or not, because they don’t mention the products used during production of the beer. You are well aware that even the french fries you eat can take you to a non-vegan diet because of the animal oil used in it. In the same way the non-vegan products used in th beer can also result in taking you to the non-vegan diet.

But as the time is changing and the producers of beer and alcohol are well aware about the diet plans of different people so they have started listing the items clearly and also manufacturing the wholly vegan versions of them. We will discuss with you what vegan versions you can find in beer.

So, about your question, Can you drink beer on a plant based diet? So you might get the answer that you can. Just you have to keep some basic things in mind about the beer you are using in your plant-based diet.

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Why are some beers not considered vegan?

So, there are a number of reasons that though being the vegan version of alcohol, why beers are still considered non-vegan;

As we have discussed with you, that icinglass which has been extracted from the fish bladder is used in the filtration process of beer which is though not mentioned on the ingredients of beer but it is still there and is non-vegan.
For flavoring sometimes the producers also use honey, milk and eggs, which all are non-vegan as been extracted from animals.

So, there are also a number of other products being used in the production of a number of versions of beer; albumin, chitin, lactose and sometimes the whole chicken carcass.

So, before drinking any version of beer in your plant-based diet, make it clear if any non-vegan or animal products are used in it or not.

Non-vegan versions of beer:

The beers in which any of the animal products are used are considered non-vegan. And we have discussed with you in detail what these non-vegan products are which are being used in beers? and still they don’t have a label of them being non-vegan.

So,let’s make it clear which beers are typically non-vegan;

Cask ales because during filtration they use isinglass in it which is an animal product derived from fish bladder.
Honey beers and in these beers, the name honey is being mentioned so avoid their use in your plant-based diet.
Meads because honey is also used in its fermentation.
Milk stouts as the name shows itself that there is a dairy product being used in it.
Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter; because of the use of bacon in it.
Omnipollo / Dugges Anagram Blueberry Cheesecake stout; because of the use of cheese.
Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Shake.
Dieu du Ciel! Péché Latté.

Why are beers considered vegan:

Because the products by which beer is made are all vegan products; Barley, grain, hops and yeast. This is the reason that even some versions of alcohol are fully non-vegan but beer is still vegan because it is made up of vegan products. But some products used in its production are making it non-vegan.

Vegan alternatives of beer:

There are some versions of beer in which there isn’t any need of filtration and even if it is so for making it vegan they use carrageenan as a replacement to icinglass for filtration.

And about the flavors, there are a number of vegan products being used for the flavoring of beers like; hops, berries and citrus fruits.

So, for making it easy for you let’s list the vegan versions of beer;

Budweiser and Bud Light.
Coors and Coors Light.
Corona Extra and Corona Light.
Michelob Ultra.
Miller Genuine Draft and Miller High Life.
Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Guinness Draught and Guinness Original XX.
Except for Yorkshire Stingo and Old Brewery Bitter, all the Sam Smith beers.
The San Miguel region.
High life.
Miller lite.
So, the list doesn’t end there, you can find a number of other craft beers in which you will clearly get the label about, whether the beer is vegan or not?

So, now it’s clear to you about your question, Can you drink beer on a plant based diet? So no doubt you can find the vegan versions of beer easily in the market.but i don’t think beer is that healthy to drink that you wanna add it in your diet in this way or that.

If you like beer that much and you can’t avoid it in your plant-based diet, drinking it will not affect your diet at all. But will it not be better to use some alternative drinks which will prove more healthy to you as compared to beer. Such as;

Almond milk.
Cashew milk.
Oat milk.
Soy milk.
Milk made from rice.
Milk made from hemp.
Teas made from herbal ingredients.
The green tea plant.
Vegan smoothies.

So, there are a number of drinks you can adopt in your plant-based diet to make your diet more healthy, but if you still want to drink beer you can drink it too. It will not affect your diet at all. But choose the vegan one beers listed above and avoid the use of non-vegans.

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