Boost Conversion Rates in Your Funnel

Do you want to increase your conversion rate? Of course – who doesn’t? Thankfully, you’re about to discover how you can boost your conversion rates in your funnel. We will go over some simple steps that you can take to improve your conversions and generate more revenue for your business.

What’s Conversion Rate?

Firstly, a conversion rate in business and marketing is the percentage of prospects that take the desired action. The desired action could be anything from purchasing a product to subscribing to a newsletter.

There are two types of conversion rates that you should be aware of:

The first is your website’s conversion rate, which is the percentage of visitors that take desired actions on your website.
The second is your funnel conversion rate, which is the percentage of prospects that take desired actions as they move through your sales or marketing funnel.

As you’ve probably guessed, we’re focusing on the latter today…and we have four ways to boost your funnel conversion rates. As a bonus tip to align SEO, your funnel, and all other aspects of your digital marketing strategy, choose a leading digital marketing agency like assistance.

Four Ways to Boost Conversion Rates

Use Pop-Ups Sparingly

First of all, let’s get one thing straight: pop-ups are not evil. In fact, used sparingly and judiciously, they can be effective tools for boosting conversions. Just don’t go overboard with them, or you’ll quickly turn your funnel into a pop-up minefield that’s more likely to annoy your prospects than convert them.

Let’s not forget, leads will encounter many of your touchpoints through the funnel. The more they are bombarded by pop-ups, the more likely they are to develop banner blindness and tune them out completely. So use pop-ups sparingly, and make sure they are relevant to your content.

Make Your Forms Short and Sweet

Another way to boost conversions is to make your forms as short and sweet as possible. No one wants to fill out a form that’s 20 fields long, especially on a mobile device. So the fewer form fields you have, the better.

If you absolutely need a lot of information from your leads, consider breaking up the form into multiple steps. This way, the lead doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of fields they have to fill out. If you’re just looking to get basic details from leads, start with just a name and email address. Then, they will know to expect your email soon.

Use Strong CTAs

Your call-to-action is what tells the lead what to do next. If your CTA is weak, your conversion rates will suffer. In fact, you can encourage a lead through the funnel and then fail at the final hurdle because the CTA is ineffective. Alternatively, it could be that your CTA fails to generate leads at the very beginning. Either way, you must have a strong CTA to convince people to choose your brand over others.

Inform, Educate, and Entertain

Lastly, stop expecting people to pass through your funnel without getting something in return. If you want to boost conversion rates, you must give something back to the lead. Inform them, educate them, and entertain them. If you can do this, they will be more likely to convert into a paying customer.

In all likelihood, your prospective leads and customers have lots of questions. If you can answer these questions, you will be able to boost your conversion rates. The best way to do this is to create a FAQ page that people gain access to after signing up for your newsletters and answering common questions in emails and other leading content.

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