A Simple Guide on Different Types of RC Vehicles

When you love cars, there is no limit to the type of cars you can buy. This is true when it comes to RC cars as well. Hobbyists and car enthusiasts like to collect remote-controlled vehicles either to race them on a course or to run them around the home for fun.

Moreover, these cars are not bound to age, so if you are elderly or even sixteen, you can indulge in this hobby and try out different remote-controlled vehicles for fun.

Since the hobby culture is growing, you can find scaled-down versions of actual trucks as RC semi trucks and drive them. Earlier, these semi trucks and other vehicles were difficult to buy, but now you can head onto an online marketplace to scour through its different types. These websites offer various versions; for instance, you can find a one-twelfth version of the actual truck or go smaller and opt for a one-by-twenty-four version.  

So, when you head to these websites, you can buy different types of vehicles.

1. Semi Trucks

Amongst RCs, semi trucks and small-sized trucks are popular categories. These trucks look like real-life vehicles that provide the experience of driving a full-size rig. In addition, some of the best semi trucks can even mimic the sound of a real-life semi, but at a lower decibel.  

These trucks are trendy amongst hobbyists and children or teenagers who are fascinated with trucks. These things represent the pride of America in its trucks and truck drivers, so many people use them to pay homage to drivers.

While exploring different types of RC trucks in online hobby shops, you can buy their accompanying accessories from the same stores. For instance, some of the most common accessories include flatbeds, tankers, box-style trailers, etc.

While these trucks are similar to the ones you may find on roads, their speeds are pretty limited as it typically ranges from 10 to 40 mph. Furthermore, RC semi trucks are also available in electric drivetrain instead of gasoline.

2. RC Cars

Car enthusiasts love to race or drive their remote-controlled vehicles. So, if you are looking for speed, you can buy these cars as they can go above 60 miles per hour.

These cars are available with a miniature combustion engine that runs on gasoline as well as with an electric drivetrain.

These types of hobbyist cars are way better than simple plastic RC cars that are available for kids.

Furthermore, different types of cars are apt for specific terrains. So, if you want to go offroad, you can buy an offroader, or a track car, for racing purposes.

3. RC Monster Trucks

These trucks are meant only for offroading and performing stunts with your remote control vehicle. However, such trucks are popular amongst people who like roughhousing with their remote controls.  

The suspensions and other mechanisms of a monster truck are made so that it can tolerate all the bumps and other challenges you would throw its way.  

The best place to buy an RC vehicle is to look into the popular websites for hobbyists, as you will be able to find them along with valuable accessories for it.

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