8 Ideas For A Unique And Breathtaking Fashion Promo Video

Ideas For A Unique And Breathtaking Fashion Promo VideoYou are all set to launch your latest collection, on which you have worked for months. You are committed to making this a massive success. In such cases, creating a promotional video for the new collection can be the deciding factor in your success. 

Promotional videos or promo videos are a tried and tested way to build a great image and boost sales. In a study, 78% of marketers said that videos help them find clients for their business. In a similar study on brand recall, 70% of respondents said the video is the most effective tool to boost top-of-the-mind recall for the consumers. 

While it’s tricky to navigate through the different ways of creating a promo video for your brands, there are a few proven tactics that can improve your communication and make your message stick with the audience. Here are a few ideas that will make your promo videos stand out. 

  1. Luxury Based Promos

A lot of businesses try to market their fashion as it’s something that everyone deserves. Here if your brand talks about the aspirational side of the industry with glamour, grace, and style, you differentiate yourself from the clutter and stand out of the jargon. People are usually bored of ordinary lifestyles, and shopping fashion is often exciting. Suppose your promo video exhibits a luxurious lifestyle like ballroom dance, a high-class yacht party, a gala, or even a red carpet event. In that case, people tend to perceive your brand as exciting and end up shopping with you for the lifestyle that they aspire to live. 

  1. Music Centric Promos

Fashion and music complement each other really well, and your promo video with upbeat music can do wonders. These videos give you the opportunity to narrate a story in a catchy format like a music video. Your goal here is to capture visually pleasing shots and create interesting edits. With great cinematography, upbeat tunes, fast transitions, and product highlights, you can evoke the right emotions in the minds of your customers. All of this can be easily created with a promotional video maker, where all the resources, including music, transitions, and media, are already available. 

  1. Experimental Promos

The fashion market is extremely competitive, and to stand out, you need to create something that has never been done before. This includes everything from standing up for a cause that your brand supports, like body positivity and mental wellbeing, to telling powerful but rare stories that need to be told. Though experimental promos are not easy and a sure-shot way to success, if your intentions are real and if you make sure to communicate in a way that the audience understands. Your promo is bound to be successful.

  1. Glamorizing Physical Activities

A lot of people are extremely dedicated and disciplined in their physical activities. If you’re in the business of selling athleisure, glamorizing physical activities in your promo videos, indoor or outdoor, can be beneficial for your success. Videos shot inside the gym that celebrates a holistic, healthy lifestyle and the importance of hard work or even activities shot outdoors focusing on fashion, influence people in pursuing your brand as it stands for their improving lifestyle. These promos are extremely helpful not just for the sales but for building your brand’s image in the minds of your consumers.

  1. Lookbook Promos

If you have a wide collection of styles, lookbook style promo videos can be a perfect option for you. With lookbook style videos, you can highlight the fact that your brand offers a variety of styles across different categories. These videos are popular amongst social media platforms, and to target the youth, this can be a great way. Another advantage of creating lookbook videos is that these videos can be repurposed in your catalogues to build a lasting impression. Lookbook videos are often fast transitions of different products that could be worn on different occasions. These individual videos can then be used to create the highlights of a category. Because videos grab better attention from the audience, they can help gain more product views and eventually help in sales.

  1. Adventure Video Promos

Everyone loves adventures, and you can use this fact to market and sell your products. Adventure videos are very attractive to the viewers, and if you are promoting casual wear, activewear, or sportswear, adventure promo videos can be beneficial for your brand communication. It showcases that your brand promotes adventure activities, and it can help you attract the attention of the audience who love to explore. These videos are often expensive to make, but with the use of promo video makers like Invideo.io, you get a library of existing videos and transitions. In this way, your budget can be drastically reduced.  

  1. Slideshow Promos 

Another interesting way to exhibit your new product lineup to your audience is by making slideshow promos. These are fast-moving slideshows with glamorous fashion poses and catchy upbeat music. With the right after effects and editing, these videos are extremely impactful. One must keep in mind that the transactions and music shouldn’t be boring, in which case it looks more like a catalogue video. If the video is made out of multiple transitions and a catchy background score, the video becomes attractive and adds value to the audience’s experience as it showcases all your latest clothing lineup. Promo video makers can make this process straightforward by offering a great collection of resources.

  1. Mix Media Promos

Mix media is a trendy new format that can be leveraged for your brand’s promotional videos. In a mixed media video, product footage is shot, and in post-processing, additional motion graphics and animation are added to the video. These videos are interactive, grab the audience’s attention better than the usual videos, and are quirky. They can help you enhance your brand’s personality by adding minute details. Using promo video makers is a great option while creating such videos, as they provide a great collection of resources for your disposal. 

While considering all the above great ideas to make a breathtaking promo video, you must keep in mind that authenticity and trust are the biggest factors when it comes to creating your next promo. If your communication aligns with what your brand stands for and its larger goal, people perceive it better, and the chances of your success increase drastically. 

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