Why You Should Buy High Quality Shoes

We have been encouraged over the decades to buy into fast fashion – clothes which are cheap to buy and cheap to make due to poor wages and the poor quality of the materials involved. Having items which only last a year or even a few months is not unheard of and is something we’ve come to accept. While everyone is watching their bank accounts right now, it might seem like an ignorant time to start encouraging people to spend more, but sometimes spending more can really help you save money in the long run. That is definitely the case when it comes to quality shoes.

Shoes that have been haphazardly slapped together with not much thought for arch of foot, support, and other protective and comfort features are more likely to cause you problems and wear out before half the year is through.

It is worth taking time to save up and buy the best quality that you can afford – even if that means buying a pair of shoes which lasts 3 years instead of your normal 1, then after that a pair that lasts 5 years and so on. Have a look here for Terry Pratchett’s (a comedic fantasy writer) boot theory of economics.

High Quality Lasts Longer

One of the main reasons that it is a good idea to opt for high quality made shoes and boots over their cheaper counterparts is that they can last a much longer time. Not only is this better for your wallet, but it is also better for the environment too. Splashing out on a quality pair of shoes will always be worth the money as you use them so regularly and they are an important part of keeping your body healthy and safe. Choose a brand you can trust such as men’s Timberland boots.

Use of Better Materials

Higher quality usually means better quality materials which tend to last longer and feel nicer to wear. When purchasing new shoes, the design will be important to how comfortable they feel and how stylish they look, and this will always be matched with the quality of the shoe.

Breathable, weather resistant, and comfortable materials are all important to make a good quality shoe.

An Enhanced Fit  

It is easy to spot a poor-quality shoe, as they often are not made with comfort and foot shapes in mind. Usually they are just created off a simple design that bears no thought to how the shoe will wear and how the foot will sit inside it. When you opt for a quality shoe these crucial details are taken into consideration to make sure you have the best fit possible for your comfort.

Care Has Been Taken

There is less of a ‘mass produced and cheap’ vibe to high quality shoes, and you can tell where the care has been taken. This usually means that not only will your shoes look good, but they should also last longer because of it. No missing stitches, no gaps, no weak spots in the material, or dodgy glued soles – there has been care taken when producing their product.

Instead of purchasing some shoes as you go by the shop on your lunch break, try spending some time researching the right product for the shoe you need. See which brands have the best reputation for consistent quality and take your time with a sales assistant to find the shoe that has the perfect fit for you.

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