Mounting Screens VS Using a Stand: A Guide

With the number of gadgets out there promising to make our lives a little easier and create some extra space, it can be difficult to choose and understand which ones might actually be useful.

TVs and computers are an important part of many people’slives, and they now also take up *a lot* of space, especially if you include the stand and everything that comes with it.

Because of this, it is not really a surprise that some people might turn to mounting their screens for extra space and less clutter. But what are the benefits of each?

This piece is going to take a look at mounting your screensVS using a stand, so you can make the right choice for you.

Mounting is Space Saving

Starting with perhaps the most obvious reason to choose a mount over a stanthe amount of space you can save. Mounting a TV means using some wall space that would go untouched otherwise and creating that all important floor space for other things.
This can be particularly crucial for those who are living in a small room or apartment where every inch counts.

Stands Can Be More Sturdy

If you are worried about your TV coming loose off of a mount, you would not be alone. Poor installation can leave your TV at risk of falling and being damaged, along with anything else it can take down in its path – which can be a very expensive accident. That being said, it can be just as easy to knock a TV off a stand too, even if there is less risk. The moral of the story here is to make sure you have a professional install your TV mount if you want that option for your TV.

Give Yourself More Desk Space

Those who work from home will most likely agree that you can never have too much desk space. It seems to vanish the moment you sit down and become cluttered before you have even hit the afternoon. One of the ways to give yourself extra space without having to upgrade your desk is to mount your screen for your computer. Investing in a monitor wall mount could make quite the difference to how much space you have on your desk, and you can also push it in toward the wall if you need more.

The Right Eye Height

We all know how terrible screens are for your eyes, especially if your posture is affected. Using a wall mount gives you much more control over where the screen is placed over a desk or a stand due to its mobility. That, and you can customize where you would like to mount it to be most suitable for you.

This is probably one of the best arguments you can get for choosing a mount over a stand for a computer screen, and you will most likely have the added benefit of having a desk underneath in case a mount does come loose.

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