Ranking the Best Cities in Western Canada

Western Canada is a massive expanse of land, mountains, and some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet. If you’re considering moving somewhere, there’s no place quite like this great portion of the country.

The only unfortunate problem is deciding where to land! When picking your next house, it’s vital that you stop and think about each of these beautiful cities. Your dream home could be in one of them!

1. Vancouver

Everyone knows homes for sale in Vancouver are expensive, but it’s so much more than just a price tag. Here in Vancouver, you can check out the endless entertainment, countless small shops and boutiques, mountain and ocean views, and even score a high-paying job.


This is often referred to as Hollywood North, which means if you’re chasing dreams of stardom and glamor, this city could be your ticket to the big screen. Of course, it’s also a tech hub full of amazing startups and tons of economic power, so it could be a great place to move! 

2. Banff

There’s nothing like landing in paradise, and shopping for Banff homes for sale gets you incredibly close to that ideal. Not only do you get a beautiful summer that feels like camp every single day, but you also get a long winter of skiing, snowboarding, and getting to enjoy the most of the natural beauty here. It’s easy to fall in love with this amazing city.  

3. Edmonton

Another incredible option for anyone wanting to get out and have the time of their life is to move to Edmonton! This wonderful city has nonstop fun and beauty while also hosting one of the biggest economies in the nation.


Although Edmonton can be an expensive place to live, the cost is more than worth it since you can stop and enjoy all of the sights, and the work here pays higher than the national average.

4. Victoria

On the very southern edge of British Columbia is this awesome artsy town that offers endless ocean views, beautiful forestry, and some of the most creative people you’ll ever meet. Often referred to as a tiny version of Seattle, Victoria holds its own as one of the best cities for anyone to consider moving to in Western Canada.

5. Calgary

If you want a little honky tonk in your daily life, why not head to a city that still feels like it has a little taste of the Old West stored within it. From the beautiful views to the incredibly affordable real estate, and the bustling businesses, you’ll never run out of things to do or see.  


Calgary even has an annual rodeo called the Calgary Stampede, which offers shows like live music, incredible food, and cultural heritage that goes back hundreds of years.

Western Canada is Incredible

Whether you’re looking for a new home because of your career or you’re just eager to start fresh, it’s a good idea to consider each of these amazing cities. Not only will you Fall in love with the cities themselves, but the people here will also win you over.


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