Gospel Music-The Sound of Peace

Music is a very vital aspect of any community or society. Music is the art of storytelling which builds bridges, release emotions, and break down barriers. There are different forms of music but not many have as rich a history as gospel music.  It is a music style which is drawn and inspired from famous music traditions. Gospel music has dominant vocals and features Christian evangelical lyrics. It is one of the most influential, inspiring and oldest musical genres. The significance, performance, definition, and creation vary in terms of social context and culture. It is performed and composed for many reasons such as aesthetic pleasure, ceremonial purposes, religious purposes, and entertainment purposes. Gospel music is a kind of sacred music which is based on the Christian beliefs and encourages people to practice the ethical principles of the religion. In the form of musical entertainment, gospel music provides a framework of spiritual and moral principles and worship services.

A gospel musician utilizes their skill and talent to convey their beliefs and passion. A successful gospel musician promotes mercy, wisdom, and hope through their music. One such gospel musician, who has made a mark in the music industry, is Prisca Benita. Prisca Benita also known as Prisca Benita Sonwa Bemmo and Longtchi Sonwa Prisca Benita is a Cameroonian composer, painter, musician, author, gospel cantor, and medical corporation manager who was born in Yaoundé, raised in Douala and currently resides in United States with her husband Armel Bemmo and her kids. She completed a Doctorate degree in Medicine. She is popular for creation and composition of Christian music. Since her birth, she was raised in such a spiritual environment where the presence of God was always felt because of Christian music. This atmosphere had great influence on her and she started taking interest in gospel singing. In Douala, Cameroon, Prisca began her music career with the group Alleluia International Music. Prisca is also a former member of Alleluia International Music. She took part in various music festivals such as Massao and later participated with the praise team of Réhobot Center in Bamako. In 1992, during an evangelization campaign by Pastor Reinhard Bonnke, Prisca dedicated her life for Lord Jesus and decided to pursue a solo career as a gospel musician. Her compositions are inspired by her real-life experiences, dark times and moments when she felt vulnerable and had weakened faith. Her compositions are a reflection of her connection with God. Because of her contribution to the religion, she is considered as the ambassador of God and His good news by the Ministry of Praise and Worship. She was featured on Cameroon Tribune newspaper and the Amina Journal in March, 2002 before appearing on African Ladies festival and Massao festival in 2003. She is the owner of the charitable organization, Prisca Benita Ministry for Nations Inc., which is also known as Sharing Grace Today and is headquartered in Springfield, VA.

Throughout her life, Prisca has visited many cities and countries such as Cameroon, Spain, Portugal, Mali, Canada and the United States for various concerts. The famous concerts and performance of Prisca include Parcours Vita of DOUALA/ CAMEROON in November 2022, Palais des Congres de COTONOU/ BENIN in September 2022, Prisca Benita À COTONOU by Gospel Afrique francophone, Live performance at Chapelle de la Resurrection of Gatineau/Quebec/Canada in May 2022, Chapelle De La Resurrection – Rccggatineau, Chapiteau D’AKWA, Douala/ Cameroon in December 2021, Performance at Bethel Vie Abondante of Silver Spring, Maryland/USA in April 2018, Live concert at Bethel Outreach Ministry, In Silver Spring, Maryland/USA in October 2012, and a Live Performance at Palais de La Culture de Bamako/ Mali in 2004.

Prisca has released three albums up till now. Her first album was Ngonfo which had tracks “Pardonne Moi,” “Ngonfo, Ma Force,” “Massa,” “Fanga B’a La,” “Ne Me Laisse Pas,” and “Je Veux Vivre Avec Toi.” After the success of her first album, Prisca released her second album named Rebirth which included tracks such as “Your Majesty,” “Love,” “Aye,” “Loba,” “Blood Medley,” “I’m gonna praise You every day” and “Amazing Grace.” Her third album Saint-Esprit was released in 2019 and had the tracks “Père envoie ton Esprit,” “Au nom de Jésus,” and “Cette montagne se déplacera.” The song “Cette Montagne Se Déplacera” has more than a million views on Prisca’s YouTube channel Prisca Benita. Apart from her three albums, Prisca also has also produced many single tracks which include “Ma force c’est toi” (2022), “Je te donne la gloire” (2022), “Ce monde va passer” (2022), “Au nom de Jesus” (2018), “Cette montagne se deplacera” (2018), and “Pere envoie ton Esprit” (2017).

During her illustrious and highly decorated career, Prisca has received various awards such as Recognition and Performance Award from the State of Virginia in the United States, Creativity Prize by the French Cultural Center of Bamako in Mali, Artistic Excellence Award by Ministry of Culture of Mali, Benin Showbiz 2022, a Nomination at the Balafon Music Awards Category Gospel in 2021 in Cameroon, Benin Showbiz Award in 2022 for Best Gospel Artist of Gospel French Africa and a nomination at the Balafon Music Awards in 2021 and 2022.

Because of great gospel musicians like Prisca Benita, we can see the footprints of gospel music everywhere, whether it is roll to blues or modern rock. Prisca through years of experience and exposure has achieved musical mastery and has provided a framework of gospel music for aspiring musicians.  Gospel music has its own style and flair, and teaches us how to face obstacles and difficulties through perseverance. Giver her career in music industry, no wonder why Prisca is recognized among her audience as the ‘Lion’ of the stage in gospel music and ministry.

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