Preventing Truck Accident And Dealing With Drunk Truck Drivers

Commercial trucks are massive in size and have significantly strong power, posing a great danger to highway accidents. A vehicle of this significantly big size and power can cause devastating damage if it collides with smaller vehicles traveling around it. Besides, the rate of accidents due to intoxicated truck drivers is higher and can cause property and life damage beyond imagination.

The most common factors causing truck accidents include the exhaustion of drivers due to overwork to comply with unrealistic work deadlines. The lack of equipment maintenance could result in malfunction and devastating highway accidents due to a lack of control over these vehicles. Unfortunately, truck accidents affect thousands of lives every year. So if you are a victim of negligence by a truck driver, contact a Truck accident lawyer in Atlanta as soon as possible to avail the compensation you deserve.

Tips to prevent truck accidents and to deal with drunk truck drivers.


  • Recognize the blind spot.

Trucks are massive in size, and with these huge bodies, it is difficult to have a clear vision of every corner of the surrounding area in the mirror, creating blind spots around the truck. You can steer clear of these blind spots while driving near the truck to avoid mishaps. You should avoid driving in a spot if you cannot clearly see the driver in the side mirror because then the driver cannot see you either.

  • Recognize the drunk driver and get off their way.

Irrespective of the vehicle, it is always easy to spot a rash driver from a far distance because of them jerking their vehicles due to lack of control, and you can see them straddle between lanes.

Drunk drivers lack speed control and cannot judge the space and distance between the vehicle, which causes them to break abruptly. Steer clear of this vehicle to avoid any mishaps. It is always advisable to report to the police such suspicious vehicles on public roads to ensure everyone’s safety.

  • Avoid overtaking the drunk driver.

Being intoxicated impairs the truck driver’s judgement of speed and distance, making it significantly dangerous for you to overtake their vehicle. Due to irregular and irritative driving, it is normal for you to wish to overtake them to get well and far ahead of them. However, you must try to avoid that urge for your own safety and well-being.


  • Use clear signals and avoid distractions.

If you are driving on a highway or connecting to a highway, always use clear signals if you are driving near a heavy vehicle. Avoid any distractions which can increase the risk of any mishap. Don’t indulge in activities that can divide your attention while driving.


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