A Definitive Guide to Women’s Underwear Styles and How to Choose the Best Shape for You

Women’s underwear range from comfortable essentials all the way to works of art. The price range can also flip from being the price of a coffee all the way into the hundreds. Prices depend on the style, the brand, and even the coverage. A designer-brand bodysuit is going to cost far more than your everyday pack of bikini undies.

To help you understand the difference, and pick out the best shape for you, use this definitive guide.


Women’s Underwear Styles

There are many different styles when it comes to women’s undies. Even when you disregard the special designs available in lingerie sections, there are still several styles to choose from:


1. Bodysuit – this full-coverage suit covers both your bottom and your breasts. Everything else, from shoulder-to-cheekcoverage, depends on the design.
2. Slip Short – This shapewear underwear extends to your thighs and sits high on the hips.
3. Boy Short – Closely resembling the male boxer brief, these shorts are comfortable and offer great support.
4. High Rise Brief – The high-rise brief fits the waist and can be used as everyday shapewear.
5. Brief – These usually have a mid-rise and offer decent coverage of your cheeks.
6. Hipster – The hipster style comes with a wide hip band and lower cut leg hole while retaining the overall shape of a brief.
7. Bikini – These are similar to the cheeky style but are usually lower cut.
8. Cheeky – These cute underwear show off more of your cheeks while offering more support on the hips.
9. Tanga – The Tanga is the mid-point between a bikini and a thong. While the overall shape is similar to the thong, you’ll get more coverage on the back.
10. Thong – The thong is a classic and offers full coverage in the front, a thin strip along the back that will widen towards the hips.
11. G-String – For the commando feel, choose the G-string, which offers the least amount of coverage.

Best Styles For Full Coverage

If you want full coverage or, alternatively, want to double your underwear as shapewear, then you’ll want to choose the boy short, high-rise brief, or slip short. These styles offer more support around the waist and offer full coverage over your cheeks.

Best Styles For Lingerie

Any style works as lingerie. The big difference is usually the material and designs. Lingerie will usually be made of lace or have complicated design elements, from bows to even extra straps. At the end of the day, confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear, so find a style that makes you feel like a million.

Best Styles for Zero Lines

You have a few options if you need underwear that won’t show off your underwear lines. The thong and G-string are classic options that can give you that seamless look. If you want more coverage, however, then you’ll need to find the right material rather than shape. A thin knit, elasticized knitted material doesn’t need a hem, so you can wear any style without lines showing up on your outfit.

A Note on Material

One of the most important considerations when choosing underwear for yourself is the material. In general, choose materials that don’t irritate your skin and are also breathable. Natural fibers are best, such as cotton.

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