5 Weird Things Cats Often Do

Cats are excellent companions, but they can be curious as well. They can bump their heads against the wall, knead our laps, hide in compact boxes, and do all sorts of weird things. While some behaviors are easily understandable, others can be tricky to decode.

The common question most cat parents have is when should I seek help from a veterinarian? Know that some habits are acceptable but learn to draw a line when things seem beyond control. Behavioral issues can result from physical issues, emotional problems, changing group dynamics in a multi-cat household, bullying by aggressive and dominant pets, and much more.

In any case, consider being prepared with the best pet insurance, so your feline friend’s health is comprehensively covered. Pet insurance for cats covers a furball’s unplanned vet costs during accidents, injuries, sickness, dental, and emergencies, depending on the level of cover chosen. So, contemplate purchasing a policy. Meanwhile, read this article to learn about a few strange cat behaviors.


Young kittens and fully grown cats can be full of energy and playful. It is precisely why sometimes you may notice your furry baby skittering from place to place, bouncing off the walls, climbing up and down the furniture, and doing other crazy things. This behavior can be due to nibbling on catmint. Rubbing itself against the plant or simply rolling on it is enough for a little cat to act goofy for brief periods.

A kitty cat will be susceptible to injuries during such hyperactive periods. So, ensure your cat’s area is safe and free from potentially mind-altering plants.


When your cat gives you headbutts, it means your furry pet is showing you affection. It is your feline’s way of communicating to the world that you belong to them. In short, your furry baby is marking you as its own by leaving the pheromones on its cheek and forehead on your body by bumping.


Carefully observe the noises your cat makes while watching birds and bees flying around the backyard. The chitter-chatter sounds you hear come from their excitement at seeing potential prey, coupled with the frustration of being unable to catch them. Other familiar sounds cats make are hissing, chirping, and yowling.


Cats are notoriously famous for leaving their owners with undesirable and scary gifts. For instance, there might come a day when you will wake up to dead mice, birds, or roaches on your bed in the morning. This is a feline’s way of thanking its hooman for the love, care, and affection they shower on it. Learn not to make a big deal about it because your little pet’s intention is just to share its spoils with you; instead, feel honored.


Cats knead to show affection, peace, and contentment. This habit goes back to the days when they were young and had to press on their mother’s tummy to stimulate milk flow. It shouldn’t be much of a problem unless your bouncy cat’s claws dig into your stomach or thighs. In a case like this, trim the nails using a nail clipper.

Engaging in vigorous activities can raise your cat’s risks of accidental injuries, falls, and other medical emergencies, which is why you must consider having a medical financial backup in terms of the best pet insurance.

Pet insurance for cats allows you to provide your furball with timely medical assistance with little financial trouble, so why not contemplate buying a policy?

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