5 Basic Factors of Writing

Factors of WritingWriting is a thing which everyone enjoys but you in your writing just not only need to maintain your enjoyment but also the enjoyment of the reader who is going to visit and read your content or writing. For this you need to be aware of some of the basic factors of Writing, which you need to adopt in order to produce the best content ever. Because there are a number of contents, writing and webs to visit, so why will the audience come to you? For this you need to produce masterpieces for your readers and audience.

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So, here we will discuss with you some of the most important factors of writing which will help you to attract more readers and produce a professional and skillful content or writing;

1. Audience:

It has been considered as one of the most crucial factors of writing because Whom are you writing for? Is it for your audience or your readers? And if it will not satisfy them, then What will be the use of your content? And what will it be worth?

As every person in your life has their own value, and you can’t talk about a thing to your parents which you may be able to talk to your friends and maybe siblings and vice versa. And if you are talking to a cat lover about the dog and a dog lover about the cat, it will make no sense at all.

In the same way your content, no matter how skillfully you have written it, if it will not be in accordance with the demand of your audience or readers, it will be of no use. For this, before writing anything you need to carefully consider;

1. What kind of audience are you trying to attract towards your content?
2. Focusing on their interests and needs.
3. Writing in accord with their demands which they expect from your site or content.

Only by following these rules can you produce content prefered  by the visitors.

2. Purpose:

 Second important factor of writing which you have to focus on after the Audience is that, Why are you writing? For example if your web is about educational purposes and you are posting the content about entertainment then why will people of educational background or mindset prefer to look at it and enjoy it.

So whether your website focuses on marketing, arguing, selling of the products, academic writing, blogging etc. you have to write accordingly. Your writing style also matters a lot for what purpose you are writing so in order to write academic content you need to adapt your style accordingly or in order to write on entertainment purposes you need to focus on writing as per your topic of entertainment.

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3. Context:

Context is about presenting in detail from start to end about your topic and what method you are using to present it. I have learned it during my academic studies on a great level, that if you have prepared a lot about your topic and during your writing, you don’t know about a particular context or pattern to follow, your writing will not be worth your preparation.

So before writing you need to keep some important things in mind;

1. Whatever your general topic is first present about its history, history in a sense like describing from where its name had originated? or its formation had been started?
2. Then the current situation about that particular topic. How it’s going on and how it’s impacting the people around?
3. About different arguments of the people, how they are reacting worldwide or in your areas about that particular thing or what are their views about it?
4. You can also write your own view.

. For example if we take a general topic politics; which no doubt has a long history not only in your area but worldwide. So first tell about how politics had started? What are its impacts and current situation?  What are various views of various people about it?  and what are your views about it?

4. Media:

Your topic doesn’t change at all but sometimes you have the same topic and genre of your writing differs, like if you are writing on a general topic on an academic level you will not include pictures in it and you need to mold it in an academic context whether it’s taken on academic level or not, and though your content will ever be the same according to the topic but you have to adapt it according to your genres.

In Blogging for the same topic you will also need to visually display your writing etc which you don’t follow in academic writing, so you have to keep in mind these kinds of small factors in your writing which will help a lot in your ranking.

5. Language:

Language is also an important factor of your writing. Because you also need to adapt your language as per your context, your audience, your genre and your purpose of writing, what kind of language will attract your audience? What is your context of writing and how do you have to mold your style according to your context? what language and style your genre of writing demands from you? You have to keep all these things in mind while writing.

Writing looks quite interesting and enjoyable and no doubt it is in one way or the other, but producing good writing and content which you not only write for enjoyment but on a professional basis, so you cannot adopt a single general method of writing for every of your purposes. Once you have stepped into a professional writing world you need to bring a lot of changes in your writing according to the demands of your audience, your purpose of writing, your genres and media etc. so in order to produce a worthwhile content as compared to others you need to keep in mind these basic factors of writing which will help you a lot in every field of you writing.

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