Why is Pakistan like the beauty not enough people talk about?

What are Pakistani people like in real life or online a like?

  1. Polite
  2. Friendly
  3. Smart
  4. Strong sense of right and wrong
  5. Very Good at languages
  6. Amazing chefs

Polite is something which is common practice by basically all people from Pakistan if you go see a doctor around the world if he or she is very nice has a tan skin you may find out this person is in reality a Pakistani person. https://bestseocompaniesin.co.uk/

Going to nice resturant you will often find out it’s run by some of these kind people overall such as the creator of Chicken Tikka is a Pakistani man.

A lot of people don’t know many people from this country can be highly intelligent at say science or software or medicine among other things you will often find people who come from this country doing hard jobs such as met plenty of very smart software engineers coming from here overall or met many smart or nice Real Estate agents as well.

Right or wrong is a big part of the Islam belief system you will find all Pakistan will want to complete this object or want to be doing the right thing so be aware them doing right is something we should all follow as a group of people like they do.

Most people from this country can people like 5 languages some examples include






Chefs from this country can be often like world class for example I know there is chefs like Gordon Ramsay or other celebrity chefs just because some from this country don’t have like TV shows still be aware most of them can cook as good as that man or even better cooking big part of society for most of them meaning in some cases a 18 year man can be on the same level as like full time chef from another country so quality cooking is something many of them do overall.

The best food most people would argue from Pakistan would be the Tikka if you not had it is perfect food spiced to be in theory suitable for people who love or hate spicy food a like it was made popular in the 1970s by Pakistani man based in Glasgow Scotland before which then lead to it being made and sold all around the world the place this created was done by a Pakistani gentleman as the man known or Mr ALi to some people as like a sign of respect to him for all he did to the eating standards around the world .

Kalash Valleys is one of the most beautiful places in the world trying to match it’s beauty be hard for any person or country naturally to have in location you can see pretty mountains around this area and it also contains a very rare ethnic group who are not Muslims and only live in this part of the world more less.

Concordia is place which is for many people all around the world a dream for mountain lovers or simply peopel who love going mountain climbing for it’s beauty a lone makes it a place worth seeing or climbing a like and many of the persons around the world are not aware of the country having one of the five of the highest peaks of mountains in the world .

The Mosque of Badshahi Masjid is considered one of the prettiest building in the world and one of the biggest mosques in the world it was made with attractive sandstone colour to give it impressive colour to see in real life.

IT was created by the last great Mughal dynast before that part of India or Pakistan history ended more less.


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