What Is an HCL Pump?

The Hybrid Closed Loop System, HCL, is a system that acts as an insulin helper, which is used for better management of diabetes. The HCL systems take the insulin program and mix it with some technology to give a better result in diabetes management.

When an insulin pump works with the HCL, it becomes effortless to manage diabetes because the system automatically controls the blood sugars. In this article, we will learn everything about the HCL and its benefits to diabetic patients when they choose to use it. Read through and learn.

How does the HCL Pump Work?

There are different ways to manage diabetes, ranging from daily injections to the use of an insulin pump. Diabetes patients need to move with the advancement in technology which will make it easy for them to manage the disease.

The HCL is one of the advanced methods typically used with the insulin pump to get better results. The hybrid closed-loop system comprises three essential parts:

1. The continuous glucose monitor.
2. The insulin pump.
3. A computer program that is used to take data from the pump.

The CGM helps adjust the pumps to deliver insulin to the body automatically. In addition, the system plays a crucial role in regulating the blood sugars in the body. For example, according to Tandem Diabetes, the hybrid closed loop system uses the continuous glucose monitoring sensor with the insulin pump to automatically deliver the insulin into the body, making it easy to regulate and control its sugars.

The system works more like the human pancreas, which tends to react when the sugars are too high or too low and ensure insulin release. This means that if the blood sugars are high, the HCL system recognizes the change in the levels and increases insulin delivery. When the blood sugars are dropping, the system suspends insulin delivery.

Benefits of Using the HCL Pump

Many benefits come with using the HCL pump together with the insulin pump. They include:

1. Automatically reacts to the changing sugar levels in the body and adjusts the insulin doses depending on if the sugars are high or low.
2. It helps to bring the sugars to a level that gives the patients quality sleep and reduces the chances of them having low or high sugar levels when they are sleeping, therefore reducing their chances of waking up at night.
3. The system provides the patients with the assistance they need to address their blood sugar levels with an automatic insulin adjustment.
4. It also allows the patient to concentrate on others instead of spending so much time on diabetes management, as they know their blood sugars will be automatically regulated.

HCL for Diabetes Management

The hybrid closed-loop system, HCL, is an advanced technology to manage and control diabetes easily. This system automatically regulates the insulin levels in the body, making it easy for the patient to control the disease. In addition, anyone with diabetes should invest in new technology to be in a better position to control their sugar levels.

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