What are the jobs available in big data analytics?

Every sector in today’s business and technological landscape exhibits high demand for big data analysts given their value in contributing to the success of the organization. Big data analytics is gathering more attention than its traditional predecessors due to its ability to handle large amounts of raw data,

The proper use of Analytics, Big Data, and Business Intelligence helps companies establish a successfulpresence in the marketplace. The knowledge of these techniques is highly valued across the globe and gives you lucrative career prospects.

Let’s look at some of the highest-paying and most in-demand jobs available in big data analytics.

1. Big data analyst

The most popular and highest-paying career in big data analytics is that of a data analyst. As a big data analyst, you must work with and analyze large amounts of raw and unstructured data to derive patterns and information.

Various websites and platforms produce huge chunks of complex data every day to be analyzed. This requires expert skills and technical knowledge which is why a big data analyst is an important part of the tech and business sector globally.

2. Database administrator

A database administrator works with data management systems to manage, store, and organize data. Designing and developing database systems and software is also the responsibility of a database administrator. You must handle the data, manage and maintain it, ensure consistency of the database software and help in the extraction process.

3. Resource analyst

A resource analyst conducts research and analysis of the extracted data to obtain valuable information. The financial transactions are also studied to identify cost-reduction areas to help generate more revenue and increase profit. The budgeting of an organization following the market trends is performed by a resource analyst.

4. Database designer

A database designer is responsible for data modeling and database design. As a database designer, you must understand the client’s requirements and draft a data model that can store and perform various functions using that data. Other functions such as backup and restoring data into these data models are also a database designer’s responsibility.

5. Data mining specialist

The duties of a data mining specialist are similar to that of a data analyst. A data mining analyst studies information derived from data to find patterns, insights, and relationships that can help guide decision-making in business. You must be well versed in data collection, cleaning, and modeling to become a data mining specialist.

Improving the productivity or performance of a brand or a product using strategic modeling techniques and programming falls under the responsibility of a data mining specialist.

Forbes has identified big data analytics as one of the most desirable jobs of the century. Every organization has placed due importance on data analytics due to its potential to help growth and development in the marketplace. Hence, there is a high demand for professionals in the field of big data, analytics, and business intelligence.

With the right skills and relevant educational qualifications, you can also be a part of this ever-expanding industry.

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