Using an Online Plagiarism Checker Tool? Know the Pros & Cons

Advancements in technology are both a blessing and a curse for plagiarism. Although it has made it easier to check the content, at the same time, it has drawbacks as it is an artificial intelligence tool. So, while choosing any online plagiarism checker tool, you must know pros and cons of the same. So, before learning them, have a look at the fact that why this is not allowed:

Why Plagiarism Is Not Allowed?

You have heard that you should never copy another person’s content, but do you know why? It is so because plagiarising content is a punishable offence with severe consequences. The simple reason to avoid it is that it is dishonesty with the original author of that content. Another reason is that you will never learn if you copy something. The motive behind the assigned work is to make you learn something while working on it. But when you copy-paste, you will never learn anything from it. Plagiarism is not only copying the text; it can also be the idea, characters, or simply the plot an author has created. So, these are the reasons to avoid using others’ work under your name. If you do it unintentionally, you should check it beforehand for this, there are online plagiarism checker tools available. Let us have a look at the pros of using these:

Pros of Plagiarism Checker

Comfortable with Any Format

There are numerous plagiarism checker tools available for free to use with any file extensions, like doc, xls, docs, pdf, and many more. These accept documents in any of the supported formats, and in addition, they also allow the copy-paste feature. Through this, you can copy your entire content and paste it into that tool. Moreover, they are comfortable with the documents you capture with the camera.

User Friendly

These tools, which are used to check plagiarism free content are easy to use and do not have a lengthy process. You can check your entire text with just one click. These will run through the document and look for plagiarism, then highlight that particular section. Through this, you will be able to know where your content has something in common with another’s work and can change it. These tools not only highlight the part but also tell you which document it is matched with.

Language Is No More a Barrier

Many times, writers suffer to check for plagiarism in their language. But with modern online plagiarism checker tools you do not have to worry about the same. At present, these tools provide you with several language options for your convenience.

Information Remains Secure

No matter whether you are writing homework or creating a professional document, plagiarism is never accepted. But this is not the only concern, data getting leaked is another reason people hesitate to use these tools. But, when you are using an authentic grammar checker tool for the same, it will ensure that no information gets leaked. These credible tools provide you with 100 percent privacy protection.

Checking Content with One Click

These tools used to check plagiarism free will help you run multiple checks in a single click. You do not need to run several sections differently and waste your time. This feature was added to the latest versions as several SEO companies work with different types of content that need to be checked together. Hence, this addition is to solve the issue of checking content in sections.


At present, no one wants slow software, therefore, these tools have to be fast as well. So, the tools available for checking plagiarism are made to quickly do the run and check plagiarism free. When you copy-paste or upload any document, these tools will check for plagiarism in no time. It makes your work so easy and so quick that it saves you time.

Cons of Plagiarism Checker

There are several cons or disadvantages of using these tools, but when you use authentic and credible tools there is no such problem.

No Human Touch

As online plagiarism checker tools are created through artificial intelligence, they lack a human touch. Due to this, they become less reliable and secure. It is so because, without human interference, it cannot make an accurate decision or judgement about the content and, hence, will not produce accurate results. The reason behind this is that it can only function based on the database it has and cannot work beyond that.


As discussed above, these tools cannot work beyond the functionality or the database already installed. Therefore, the results can differ from what you wanted. Sometimes, these tools recommend changing some words or phrases, but it will not be possible as it will change the entire meaning. Hence, recheck the suggestions it has given you, and you cannot trust them blindly.

Common Phrases

Many plagiarism detectors try to distinguish between credited and uncredited use, but it is not always achievable due to the range of attribution forms. However, many plagiarism detectors will flag similarities that are merely accidental because of how frequently specific English words occur. Therefore this cannot be termed as truly useful.


So now you must be clear that you should never copy any content without permission. In addition, it is better to check it before the final submission, if you have done it without any intentions. For this, there are various online plagiarism checker tools available. This article has taught you pros and cons of using these tools. So choose wisely and produce plagiarism-free documents.

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