Unique Ideas for Women’s Resort Wear to Make You Stand Out from the Crowd

Resort Wear
If your next vacation is more of a city break, where you will be wrapping up in layers and wearing practical layers, then you will understandably not currently be in the market for some new resort wear pieces.

However, whether you want to look into some new key resort wear pieces for future vacations, or else have a sun-filled break on the horizon, then continue reading to learn of some unique ideas for women’s resort wear to make you stand out from the crowd.

Tie Waist Shorts

When it comes to practical and stylish resort wear, you can look no further than a couple of pairs of tailored, tie-waist shorts.

The beauty of such a key piece is that not only are shorts practical, especially if you are intending on embarking on one or more excursions whilst you are on vacation, but the tie waist element means you can easily elevate the look with a camisole tucked into the waist.

There are indeed other styles of shorts which make for a good combination of practicality and style when it comes to an outfit planned for resort wear, with another idea to wear a bardot, off-the-shoulder style flowing white top and combining it with khaki or tan longer shorts.

Multi-Colored Cover-Ups

Alongside a well-fitted and understated bikini, to make an impact around the pool, you should invest in at least a few multi-colored cover-ups.

Perfectly matched with a stylish and sexy black onepiece or bikini, a bold and bright cover-up is the ideal piece of resort wear and what is more, you can even tie the cover-up around your waist to create a maxi skirt, or else around your neck to create a beach dress.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses have come a long way in terms of their stylistic journey and now they are the ideal accompaniment to a strappy top or camisole and a statement necklace for an evening.

Another fabulous advantage of packing a couple of maxi skirts in your case packed full of resort wear is that longer, maxi skirts suit every single figure imaginable, as you can simply wrap around the material where the line is smooth and the waist is comfortable and secure with an invisible pin, rather than using the pre-made buttons.

Playsuits & Jumpsuits

As previously discussed, shorts are entirely more practical than a skirt when it comes to climbing in and out of a boat or else jumping from the boat into the ocean to indulge in a bit of snorkeling.

Following this line of thought then, the next logical step for practical and comfortable, yet still striking, evening resort wear would be a playsuit or even a jumpsuit. The latter is far more appropriate for those vacation destinations which tend to become considerably cooler and drop in temperature at night, whereas playsuits can be worn for those destinations that are warm in the evening. The choice is certainly yours.


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