Top Ideas for Birthday Gifts for Him

Ideas for Birthday GiftsBuying presents for the men in your life can be tricky. Whether it’s your partner, dad, brother, or a close friend, it’s not always easy to know what to buy them on their birthday. One option is to ask them what they want, but in many cases, this will lead to an answer along the lines of ‘I don’t know’ or ‘you don’t need to get me anything’. So, to help you out, here are some top gift ideas that are sure to get you inspired.

Foodie Gifts

There are a wealth of great gift options for guys who are into food or drink. This includes classics such as cheese hampers, quality bottles of whisky, and more hands-on presents, such as home brewing kits. You could also think about gifting a tour of a top winery or tickets for a foodie class if your friend or family member likes to cook. Keen chefs might also appreciate a set of Japanese kitchen knives or tools they can use when flexing their culinary muscles.

Luxury Accessories

Buying clothing for someone else can be difficult because of sizing; however, accessories make a fantastic alternative. From ties and cufflinks to belts and socks, there are lots of additional extras you can find that will genuinely add a hint of luxury to his outfit. For a gift that combines style and practicality, you might like to choose a designer card holder or wallet. Presents like these can last a lifetime, so they’re an excellent choice for someone special. You might even have the option to have your gift personalized with his initials or something similar.

Activities and Experiences

These days, many people prefer experiences over material possessions, so keep this in mind when choosing a gift. Some possible examples include:

Tickets to see his favorite band
A race car driving experience
Skydiving, scuba diving, or another adrenaline-fueled sports activity
A weekend away in a new city
Tickets to see his favorite sports team in action

Hobby Gifts

If the man you’re buying for has a hobby that he’s particularly passionate about, such as art, music, or sport, this can be a great option to base your gift around. You might have to do some detective work to ensure that you don’t buy something they already have or that isn’t appropriate for their skill level – especially if it’s a hobby you know little about. However, if you get it right, he’s sure to be touched by your thoughtfulness.

Grooming Products

Spa gifts and bath products aren’t just for women. Plenty of guys enjoy a spot of pampering, so this is another avenue worth considering. You could consider buying your friend a luxurious shaving gel, relaxing bath or shower products, or a voucher for a massage or similar treatment. Lots of stores have gift sets specifically aimed at men, so don’t worry that it will come across as overly girly. Another idea is a present to help with sleep, such as an eye mask, cooling pillow or a weighted blanket, seeing as so many people don’t get enough shuteye these days.

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