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The Lords of the Fallen presents an all-new, legendary RPG experience in an immense, interconnected world in excess of multiple times bigger than the first game.

After an age of the cruelest oppression, the evil spirit God, Adyr, was at last crushed. However, Divine beings… don’t fall for eternity. Presently, ages later, Adyr’s revival draws near. As one of the mythical Dull Crusaders, venture through both the domains of the living and the dead in this far reaching RPG experience, highlighting epic supervisor fights, quick testing battle, exciting person experiences, and profound, vivid narrating. Will your legend be one of light… or one of dimness?

Investigate A Huge, Interconnected World

The Lords of the Fallen  Venture across two far reaching, equal universes in your legendary mission to oust Adyr. While the living domain presents its own severe difficulties, untold fear sneak in the horrible domain of the dead.

Characterize Your Own Legend

The Lords of the Fallen  Completely tweak your personality’s appearance from a wide cluster of visual choices, prior to choosing one of nine person classes. In The Lords of the Fallen whichever beginning way you take, foster your personality to your own playstyle by overhauling details, weapons, protection and spells.

Ace Quick, Testing Liquid Strategic Battle

Just those that ace the profound, strategic battle can expect to get by. The Lords of the Fallen  Browse 100s of remarkably merciless weapons, or renounce metal for enchantment with crushing assaults of the obscure.

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Join together or Battle in Web-based Multiplayer

Experience the broad, single player crusade alone, or welcome a second player to join your experience in continuous, online center. Be that as it may, be cautioned – legends from other domains can, and will attack.

Use a Gadget of Indecent Power

Your lamp has the indecent ability to cross between universes. Utilize this dull workmanship to arrive at neglected places, uncover mythical fortunes, and even control the actual soul of your enemy.

Ascend from Death

Fall in the realm of the living, and rise once more… in the realm of the dead. You currently have one last opportunity to get back to your living state, as every kind of appalling animal plunges upon you.

Key Highlights:

Leave upon two huge, equal universes – that of the living… and the dead
Ace a quick, liquid and testing battle framework
Employ annihilating enchantment assaults and character buffs
Welcome a second player to join your mission in continuous, online multiplayer
Experience a wide exhibit of characters, anxious to offer a questionable hand…
Completely alter your own special person
Browse 9 beginning person classes, including Knight, Maverick and Fire Student

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The Lords of the Fallen  Battles will prove tricky, with nine weapon pools to choose from spread across three classes. Melee is the heart of combat and boasts a range of combos that must be mastered to fell demonic enemies with ease. Some attacks offer brief windows of invulnerability that must be used to increase your survival, as well as blocking and dodge rolls. Attack patterns must be memorised and brutal foes must be slain against all seemingly impossible odds.

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