Score Well in These 8 Exam Types by Taking Online Exam Help

There are multiple types of exams that a student must face in their academic journey. However, without clearly understanding each of these exams, it is impossible to do well in such tests. So, do you want to find out several types of exams? Then read below to get an idea. However, if you need aid with these tests, then search for online exam help and ask experts to guide you. Apart from that, jump in to understand several types of exams.

Different Types of Exams You Must Know

If you did not know, the eight most common types of exams are available to evaluate a student’s skills and understanding ability. Do you want to understand those? They are: 

Multiple Choice

It consists of one question and four possible answers. Here you have to select the correct one among others. Moreover, you can choose the right one by circling or filling in the associated number or letter. Apart from that, these exams are helpful in showing your knowledge and command of content. If you want to know how to prepare for this test, search online exam help UK and ask their experts. However, here are some tips for your aid. 

  • Memorise and understand the basic terms of the course.
  • Find the previous year question paper and practice those.
  • Complete those questions in a time frame and check answers.


These questions are a little bit complex and require answers from multiple paragraphs to pages. Moreover, here you can demonstrate your understanding and creativity through writing. Similarly, it is time-consuming and needs reasoning skills. If you are facing issues with writing essays or other tasks, then search for an assignment writing service and take expert assistance. Meanwhile, here are some tips on how to prepare for this test.

  • Find out the main theme of the course from the outline or course site.
  • Make notes during lectures, watch videos and conduct research.
  • Create a list of likely questions and practice those.

Open Book

Although its format is the same as the essay exam, it is different because here, you can bring books or notes. Similarly, the main focus of these tests is to see how well you have learned and your use of knowledge. However, some students face difficulty with it and search for online exam help to get professional aid and practice for their test. Apart from that, some tips to prepare for this exam are

  • Write a summary sheet by adding the most essential information in it.
  • Work on given problems and add comments in where you are lacking.
  • Set a time limit and try to complete the question in that duration.

Take Home

As the name suggests, here you have to take the task home to complete it. Moreover, its structure is the same as the previous two. Additionally, you can use available books, journals and websites. Similarly, it needs more exploration and in-depth response. If you don’t have confidence in this type of exam, you can reach out to experts for help by typing online exam help UK. Meanwhile, here are some tips on how to do take-home exams effectively

  • Follow the advice given by your professors.
  • Organise your notes and materials in advance so you won’t have to search for them during the exam.
  • Check out whether the materials are relevant or not before using them.

Open Question

Here, you have access to broad range of questions before the exam period. Therefore, you can prepare for the response to those queries. However, during the exam, you only get a certain number of questions to answer. Because you get time to prepare in advance, so, the professor expects that the quality of your paper will be better. If you want, here are some tips on how to get good marks in this type of exam.

  • Engage yourself in active learning and make notes. 
  • Create detailed planning on the questions to which you have access. 
  • Keep an eye on the requirements and write accordingly.

Short Answer

Depending on your area of study, short answers can be a sentence long or short paragraph of the question. Moreover, it is helpful to test memory and clarity about the concept. If you are struggling with this, you can reach out to experts. In the same way, if you are facing challenges with your academic tasks, then you can ask professionals from assignment writing service to help you. Apart from that, here are some tips for short answer-type exams. 

  • Keep your concentration on key terms and concepts.
  • Learn similarities and differences between two terms.
  • Practice with a variety of important questions.

Case Study

As you can guess already, here your practical and critical analytical knowledge is important. Therefore, you must stay up-to-date while dealing with these questions. Apart from that, it focuses on critical skill development instead of theoretical knowledge. Some tips regarding it are

  • Start identifying the core theory and concept in your course.
  • Practice with the previous case studies and find relevant information.
  • Check textbooks to see some examples of how to relate theories or concepts to real-life situations. 


Its other name is an alternative response question. Here, students will get one statement and they have to answer whether that is true or false. Moreover, it helps to know the learner’s surface-level knowledge. Here are some tips on how to perform well in these tests.  

  • Keep practicing and dissect each statement phrase by phrase.
  • Keep an eye on qualifiers, negative and long strings of statements.
  • Pay close attention to tiny details and extreme modifiers which make false statements seem true.

These are everything about the varieties of exams you must face in your student journey and some tips on how to perform these effectively. If you are still unable to understand and need a helping hand, then reach out to experts by searching online exam help.

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