Rise In Popularity of Online Ludo

Everyone is using it, from friends, cousins, and even your employer to the actor-producer Anushka Sharma. What are we discussing? As it happens, Ludo, adapted from the ancient Indian game Pachisi, has become one of the most well-liked games in the nation, especially during the Covid 19 Lockdown (which began on March 25). The game has experienced a boom in popularity, whether players are revisiting a childhood favorite or are only now becoming aware of this game.

With Ludo Game Online, it became a top-rated game on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The COVID Pandemic gave the traditional board game Ludo a new lease on life as individuals all around India began playing online Ludo games with their families, spouses, and friends.

In actuality, the online gaming sector is one of the few that experienced exponential growth throughout the Pandemic.

In India, cultural and social games have long been a source of enjoyment, amusement, and social interaction. Children and office employees soon embraced Ludo and other skill-based online games.

Modern technology has allowed these games to come to life in their online versions.

In addition, these games have made necessary improvements that have diminished the importance of chance and luck and increased the emphasis on ability

Besides providing the standard Ludo experience, Online Ludo adds features like multiplayer support and various themes to draw in younger audiences. These elements also make it appealing to fans of the classic board game.

Given the growing numbers it is seeing, Ludo appears to have hit the perfect note with the audience even though it looks old-fashioned and outdated compared to the types of games you can download for free on your phones nowadays. Online Ludo was expanding quickly even before the Pandemic, propelled by the same familiarity.

But once COVID-19 placed India and the rest of the globe under lockdown, the Online Ludo app experienced a sharp increase in popularity. For many Indians who have never played internet games, sharing plans for Online Ludo in family WhatsApp groups has become a social distance mainstay.

The main reason for Ludo’s enormous surge in popularity and the success of Online Ludo was that, despite the fact that “Core” gamers might not be fond of straightforward board games like this one, crores of people seem to be on board with it. Due to its simple rules and lack of demanding academic requirements, Ludo is simple to play. Basic guidelines, a simple game to play, and most importantly, a game that is enjoyable to play made it so popular.

As more and more people joined in, they spent 30 to 40 minutes almost every day playing the game with a scattered group of ex-college friends.

People were drawn to it because of the related nostalgia. In the past, children could only play board games at home or outside, with Ludo being a common choice. And it brought those memories flooding back.

But more importantly, folks realized that stress levels swiftly decrease whenever they play online Ludo. This is because you depend on the dice number you throw; there is no aim to reach. From a strategic standpoint, you should start worrying about which pawn to move and when you have more than one out. On the app, you can select the speed you wish to play.

Playing the game is simple. Even though it appears to be a stuffy game that’s presumably just for older people, once you start playing, its simplicity encourages more play. Everyone is aware of the rules. It’s easy to do but enjoyable and doesn’t require much mental effort. Not many board games today are like that; most of them have too many levels.

People’s status updates and other memes about Ludo were widely shared on social media. That increased the popularity of online Ludo. More and more people shared their online Ludo win, tournament score and experience in the form of stories. It inspired more people to play.

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