Rajasthani Handicrafts: Untold Tale of Rajasthan

Rajasthani Handicrafts: Intro

Rajasthani Handicrafts are demanded all over the world. But do you know the history of these handicrafts? Rajasthan is a beautiful state situated in the western part of India. This state was first discovered around 5000 years ago with the foundation of the Indus Valley Civilization. From the beginning, this state had its own beautiful history, and many kings ruled this part of the country. They all contributed some or the other thing to this beautiful state. Rajasthani Handicrafts are also a production of Rajasthan. Rajasthani Handicrafts reflect the traditional values, cultural norms, and vibrant colors of Rajasthan. In fact, these handicrafts are crafted on the traditional pattern of Rajasthan. 

Rajasthani Handicraft Items:

These handicrafts were first crafted in the 18th century. At that time, Raja Sawai Maan Singh II was ruling the country. He was very fond of handmade items. He asked some artisans to visit Rajasthan. Witness its traditional culture, and craft something based on the Rajasthani culture and tradition. The artisans took a long time, to understand the real meaning of these traditions, and the purpose behind them. And after a few days, they started manufacturing Handicrafts. It took them around a week to manufacture these handicrafts. Once they crafted all the items. They presented it before the king. Looking at all these handmade items the king got very happy and rewarded these artisans. 

The artisans were really moved by the tradition and culture of Rajasthan and thus they decided to stay. They thought of staying in Rajasthan only and decided to manufacture Rajasthani Handicraft Items. Listening to this the king got really happy and he instantly told the artisans to do that. 

Rajasthani Handicrafts Online:

The artisans stayed and they all crafted Rajasthani Handicrafts. Initially, the native people were not interested in the term but as soon as they understood it they all joined in. And this is how Handicrafts were invented. 

At present, Rajasthan accounts for around 7 lakh artisans that live in different parts of the state. These artisans produce thousands of Rajasthani Handicrafts every day. There are a lot of small-scale in-house industries in Rajasthan where these artisans are employed. And you’ll be amazed to know that fact that the industries in Rajasthan that produce Handicrafts do not have any machines installed. Rajasthani Handicrafts are completely handmade without the use of any machine. There are thousands of Rajasthani Handicrafts and if you wish to see handicrafts you can search for Rajasthani Handicrafts Online as well. 

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