Medesun – Providing Medical Coding Training Which Plays Pivotal Role in Hospitals

The healthcare sector has become extremely complicated in the past decade and is expected to become even more complex in the future as the emergence of COVID-19 has contributed to the increase in medical care demands. During these challenging times, the need of the healthcare industry to keep track of patient data and paperwork has also increased significantly, therefore medical coders have become one of the most vital members of the industry. Medical coding and billing are the most important components of the modern-age healthcare sector, and require authenticity and accuracy because the well-being of a patient depends on them. Effective medical coding leads to efficient operations as it ensures that patient data and information flow properly between the medical service providers and insurance companies.

As there is a constant flow of patient information such as lab results, radiological assessments, pathology, urinalysis, electronic records, medical notes, and transcriptions in a healthcare institution; a medical coder has now become a necessity of the industry. The duty of a medical coder is to translate and encode the information, equipment, medications, procedures, treatments, and diagnoses into alphanumeric codes. For this purpose, hospitals and medical institutions hire skilled medical coders, who can record, read, track and interpret complex medical data, are detail-oriented, can maintain patient confidentiality, and have immense knowledge of appeal submissions, claim denial resolution, claim follow-up, bill adjustments, posting payments and collections management.

A knowledgeable medical coder can help healthcare institutions in achieving targeted quality measures and timely reimbursements by translating the correct medical codes, accelerating cash flow, and providing better first-pass resolution rates. As the procedure of medical coding needs proper knowledge and understanding of medical terminologies, it is considered a very specialized field of the healthcare industry, which requires certifications and intense training.

With COVID-19 still a matter of concern and the increased number of elderly individuals in the worldwide population, the risk of chronic diseases is even more than before. Therefore, the demand for medical coders has also increased significantly. One company that is at the forefront during these tough times and is providing medical coding and billing training to its customers is Medesun Healthcare Solutions.

In 2009, the renowned doctor Santosh Kumar Guptha, after observing the globalization of the United States healthcare industry and witnessing the rising demand for medical coders, decided to establish Medesun. Dr. Guptha, who has earned 40 certifications in the field of health information management, medical billing, and medical coding in his 20-year-long career and has trained thousands of students, wanted to use his expertise and knowledge for the betterment of others.

Medesun is known for providing training to students in the area of medical billing and coding which include HIPAA, HL7, ICD-10 (International Classification of Diagnosis – 10th Revision), Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System, Saudi ICD-10-AM Medical Coding, ICD-10-AM-Australia Medical coding, and Current Procedural Terminology for supplies and drug coding.

The company not only offers HIM training, cancer registry, HIPAA Compliance training, ICD-10, online medical coding training, risk adjustment coding, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) service, medical coding auditing services, tumor registry, ED coding, EM coding, Radiology, surgery, and IPDRG, but also provides internship programs that help students in their professional career. The company also helps students in the preparation for certification exams such as AAPC and AHIMA through particular tests designed by academic experts.

The aim of the company is to provide industry-ready and knowledgeable professionals to the healthcare sector through extensive training in gap analysis, practical application, clinical knowledge, and communication. For this sole reason, they have also created meaningful partnerships with various nursing colleges, pharmacies, government institutions, and degree colleges.

Quality checks are performed by Medesun’s coding professionals on the hospital’s final billed claims to assure correct CPT diagnosis and ICD-10-CM coding, and they also review the supporting medical documents for further verification. This enables identifying the potential gaps in the process and on the basis of this analysis they also provide suggestions for coding improvement.

Presently, Medesun offers training programs such as CMBS Training, Special Training For UAE, Online Training, Medical Terminology training, Class Room Training, CPMB – Certified Professional Medical Biller Training, HIPAA Training, Gulf Coding, COC Training, CPC Training, ICD-10 Internship, and many other training Packages to its students. The company provides Medical Coding Services, DRG Coding, Medical Billing Services, Claim Adjudication, Medical Coding Auditing, EM Auditing, Claims Processing, ICD-10 Coding Services, HCC/MRA Coding, Dual Coding, Documentation Guidelines, and Denial Management services to its clients.

Through its training and services, Medesun has not only contributed to the overall growth of the healthcare industry, but has contributed to the well-being of individuals by making their treatment journey smoother and more convenient.

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