Paper Bags 101: Why You Should Use Them and How to Choose the Right Ones

Paper bags are not just your paper bags. Have you ever asked yourself and wondered about the different types of paper bags? Well, there are such wide varieties of paper bags, and they all have unique uses or functions. So why should you use plastic bags, and what are the benefits of paper bags? Here are some of the advantages of using it:

Advantages of Using Paper Bags 

Eco Friendly

Paper bags are healthy for the environment. They are reusable, recyclable, and 100% biodegradable. It only takes about a month to decompose. With the advancements in technologies, there won’t be any need for deforestation. Most paper bags today are made of environmentally friendly materials such as straw, coconut husks, sugarcane, jute twine, etc. All mentioned materials are recyclable, so it’s good for the environment.

Saves Energy

It also saves energy by reducing the formation process since all the materials are made up of available materials in the locality, saving energy cost. 

Safer Option

Paper bags do not contain any toxic chemicals or poisonous gases emitted by plastic bags during recycling. It is also preferable for children and animals since it limits the possibility of suffocation. In addition, most Paper bags can withstand heavy weights and are more durable than plastic bags. For this reason, the product is safe from possible damage or danger.

Wide Range of Variations

With the advancement of technology, different paper bags emerged with other uses. Examples are S.O.S bags, pinch-bottom bags, merchandise bags, euro tote, etc. So you could use whatever it is to your liking or based on what you need.

How to choose the right ones

Getting confused about what paper bags to use is very average. People tend to classify different paper bags into one. Most people think paper bags are paper bags, and they don’t differ. Worry no more. This guide will help you to choose the best Paper bags according to what you want or need.

Emergency Bags

S.O.S. are your typical paper bags that are always ready; Moms often use them to carry lunch, drinks, and other small items. Most paper bags are known for their plain brown color. S.O. S. bags are somewhat durable, perfect for on-the-go outings or emergency travels.


Kraft papers are best for you when it comes to carrying heavy objects and things that require an additional layer of protection. It is tear-resistant, durable, and strong. Additionally, kraft papers last longer than your typical paper bags. One of the largest paper bag manufacturer in China offers a wide variety of colors and shades. It is versatile for company branding.

Food and Packaging

If you’re looking for packaging baked goods or treats, you should consider pinch-bottom bags, bread paper bags with windows, bakery bags, etc. Pinch-Bottom bags are best for efficient and convenient use in packaging baked goods. It has grease-resistant glass lining, enveloped seal, and a tapered end, which is ideal for bread products. Another is bread paper bags with windows. 

 This kind of paper bag is perfect for showcasing your product. It has a transparent window so customers can identify what’s inside. It is more elegant than your typical paper or plastic bags. On the other hand, bakery bags are your standard and generalized version of bread packaging. It is a plain paper bag with grease resistance for classic bakery use.

Fashion and Merchandise

There are plenty of choices available on the market regarding fashion and bags with design. One of these is called Merchandise bags. It has a good quality and very dependable bag. There are a lot of custom-built Merchandise bags and additional branding or design for more exquisite appearance or uniqueness.

Healthy Related Bags

The most common health-related bag is the air sickness paper bags, emesis bags, waste bags, or disposal bags. If you’re wondering what it is, it is a bag given at the airport as a receptacle for barf or vomit. Air sickness bag has plastic-lined paper to avoid the possible leakage of vomits. 


People always ask, “is paper better than plastic?”. As you may have noticed, paper bags have benefits that plastic can’t have. It is a very eco-friendly alternative and biodegradable. Depending on your choice, it is the light and absolute favorite for packaging goods, merchandise products, and other customizations. However, along with its advantages, resides the disadvantages. When using paper bags, one should also consider their drawbacks in using them. The most common cons of paper bags are the following: It’s not waterproof since paper bags are made of paper that is not resilient in water. It is also often more expensive than plastic bags, so it’s not a cost-effective option. It is also heavier and requires more space when storing, so you should consider it. It is prevalent for a product to have its pros and cons. It would be best if you also kept in mind that there are many alternatives in choosing paper bags. It also has different uses, so it’s best to use what is suited for you and applicable for Business or possible service.

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