National Anthem Statute becomes effective today

  The Standing Council of the National Nation’s Congress added the Law of Individuals’ Republic of China on National Anthem (National Anthem Regulation) to Add-on III to the Essential Regulation on November 4, 2017. The Hong Kong Extraordinary Regulatory Area (HKSAR) Government has satisfied its sacred obligation to carry out the National Anthem Regulation locally as per Article 18 of the Essential Regulation.

     An Administration representative said, “The center regulative rule of the NAO is to advance regard for the national anthem, which is the image and indication of the nation, and give direction on the norm, decorum, and events for playing and singing of the national anthem. The NAO disallows and forces punishments to the abuse of the national anthem or the verses or score of the national anthem, and public and deliberate demonstrations with an expectation to affront the national anthem. There is no reason to worry of breaking the law unintentionally on the off chance that one doesn’t abuse the national anthem or the verses or score of the  香港國歌 national anthem, nor has any open and deliberate demonstration with a goal to affront the national anthem.”

     The representative likewise said, “The HKSAR Government will reinforce the exposure and instructive endeavors of the national anthem, and has set up a committed site page to illuminate people in general about the substance regarding the NAO and give the standard scores and official accounts of the national anthem for events on which the national anthem should be played and sung. The Public authority will likewise send off limited time recordings via web-based entertainment stages, government sites and electronic media. Aside from the abovementioned, the Schooling Department will refresh its learning and helping materials to instruct understudies on the set of experiences and soul of the national anthem and the decorum for playing and singing the national anthem.”

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