Know These 13 Time Management Techniques to Write Assignments Quickly

Completing an assignment takes up a lot of time as it comprises several steps such as researching, writing, and editing. Not only this, students have many academic submissions to complete at once, all with closed deadlines. Delivering all these papers is quite challenging, so many of them seek online assignment help from experts. However, students can submit all their academic write-ups with perfection if they manage their time efficiently. Time management will help them fulfill all the requirements by conducting thorough research, writing, and editing. So, this article will introduce students to some of the best time management techniques to complete assignments quickly.

13 Time Management Techniques for Assignment Writing

In this section of the article, students will learn about the time management techniques that will help them complete assignments. So, read further and equip yourselves with a pen and paper to jot down notes.

1. MoSCoW 

The MoSCoW time management technique and students use it to prioritize tasks according to their needs. It divides the attributes into four categories. First is the “must have” block, which includes very important tasks. Second, is the “should-have” section and it includes important but negotiable tasks. The third is the “could have” segment includes activities that the student desires to complete but that are not important. Last are the things you “won’t have” block, which are not essential or a waste of time.

2. RICE Technique

The RICE method is also a four-divisional time management technique useful to prioritize tasks. The R stands for reach, which includes the number of people or the time that the task takes. The I stands for impact, which states the importance of the activity. The C stands for confidence, which explains the certainty of perfection you have for the project. E stands for effort, which includes the techniques, time, and measures you need to implement. The higher the RICE, the more the assignment is essential.

3. Seinfield Strategy

Students find academic papers difficult to write; thus, they look for, “Can I get my assignment help to complete all projects”. But with Seinfeld’s strategy, they can write every paper on time. It says to identify your goal, commit to it daily, and track the progress of the project now and then. It also suggests building a chain of completed tasks, avoiding all distractions, and staying focused.

4. ABCDE Technique

This technique suggests students divide their tasks into five categories. A should comprise all the very important tasks, and B must include less important ones. So, C comprises the desired project. The D includes activities that they can delegate, and the E are the ones that students can eliminate. Scholars should start by assigning D tasks and completing A and B, then focus on the C projects.

5. Pickle Jar Theory

In this time management technique, students prioritize tasks such as rocks, pebbles, sand, and water by considering their day as a pickle jar. So, the rocks are your urgent and very essential tasks. After this, you must focus on the pebbles, which are important but come with no urgency. The sand is a desirable activity, and the water comprises daily routines and personal hobbies.

6. Eat the Frog Technique

Students ask, “Can online experts do my assignment for me?”. This is because they face several challenges. Well, scholars will be glad to know that the Eat the Frog technique helps tackle such problems. It says to identify an unpleasant and challenging task. Start early in the morning and complete the task on the same day. After this, repeat the activity daily until you overcome the challenges.

7. 1-3-5 Rule

The 1-3-5 time management technique helps students complete many tasks in a single day. This method suggests students take on a high-priority and complex task that requires the most attention. After this, take up three moderate tasks that require less hard work and then five small activities that are easily accomplished. Create a plan of action for each of these projects and complete them one by one with utmost perfection.

8. Pareto Principle

Vilfredo Pareto is the inventor of this principle. He says that 80% of your results come from the 20% effort you put in. Thus, it suggests to find all those activities that contribute to the best results. For instance, students should complete all the assignments that have contributed more to the final results. After this, they should focus on the less essential write-ups.

9. POSEC Method

This time management technique also suggests creating five divisions for all their work. The first thing they need to do is prioritize their activities. Next, they need to organize the responsibilities that help in completing work. The third is streamlining, and it says to focus on completing nonenjoyable but essential academic write-ups. Later, in economizing, they have to utilize and plan their resources efficiently. The last c states to contribute towards their daily habits or things that matter to them.

10. Pomodoro Technique

Francesco Cirillo is the inventor of the Pomodoro technique. This time management method is highly beneficial for students who procrastinate. It says that scholars should work with utmost concentration for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. This work block is considered the Pomodoro timer. Students can also increase their sitting time after working for a few days with this technique.


Students are assigned multiple submissions at colleges and universities. Sometimes, all these tasks pile up, and these scholars have no time to complete their research, writing, and editing work. Thus, many of them seek the assistance of experts providing online assignment help. But getting help every time is impossible, and the only alternative left is to manage time efficiently. So, this article teaches students the types of time management techniques for assignment writing. All these methods are equally relevant and efficient. So, implement the process that suits your requirements and submit all papers on time!

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