Instagram rolls out visual update: See what’s changed

Did you hear that Instagram rolls out visual update this year? After its director, Adam Mosseri declared that the social network would not focus its resources on the exclusive sharing of photos. Still, in the exhibition of videos, the climate of change has been painted for good ( the social media have not spent many days of peace, huh ?).Instagram rolls out visual updateChanges planned for 2022 aim to improve users’ experience with the platform and keep it relevant amid technology sector trends and changing consumer behavior online. 

Let’s go to what matters. See what’s new on Instagram below!

  • In this post you will see:
  • What changed in the visual update of Instagram
  • More vibrant Instagram gradient
  • New typographic font
  • Featured Content
  • Story stickers redesign
  • location panel

What changed in the visual update of Instagram

For general relief, we have already pointed out that the visual update of Instagram, carried out in May 2022, concerns changes to its visual identity, to the elements of the brand, for the most part. The aesthetic aspect of it has been constantly improved, but mainly after TikTok stood out in the global market.Instagram rolls out visual updateVisit :Buy Instagram Story Views UK

More vibrant Instagram gradient

Instagram’s most notorious visual update is the first point of contact with the brand, even if we quickly pass by it daily: the app’s logo. The logo’s color gradient is made more vibrant to make it brighter and more alive, giving it an air of “discovery moments” when something is lit/revealed.To give this dynamic gradient effect to the logo, the redesign involved an innovative 3D modeling process. According to an official statement, the brand’s idea is to “bring the Instagram experience to life through the energy of our revamped gradient.” In addition to the logo, the 3D gradient effect is present in the circle surrounding the Story profile picture and some stickers (Story stickers).Instagram rolls out visual update

New typographic font

The Instagram Sans font has had a makeover to make it globally accessible. This means that in places where writing is done using symbols or ideograms, people will see platform resources and information adapted to their language. To make this possible, language specialists were hired to adjust the font to global scripts — including Japanese, Arabic, and Thai languages.The Instagram Sans typographic font has three variations carried out in Instagram’s May visual update this year:
  • The Instagram Sans, general, and sans serif font;
  • Instagram Sans Condensed, already used in the Story location sticker;
  • and Instagram Sans Headline, the most different from the others, with authentic curves and contours.

Instagram San’s new Instagram font displayed in stores

 To complement, this font has a meaning behind its design. In addition to being inspired by the combination of squares and circles in the app’s logo, according to the official page of this novelty, the font Instagram Sans means “a typeface of the future, inspired by the past and that seeks to boost typographic culture.” Liked?Instagram rolls out visual update

Featured Content

One of the novelties of Instagram that many users worldwide have yet to appreciate is the much-talked-about full-screen feed. As we mentioned recently in our channels, the network’s new design highlights the content so that it is the center of attention, prioritizing the simplicity and self-expression of the content creator (words from the company itself).In practice, you will see that photos and videos will take up most of the screen, and the post caption will overlap the content. With little dedicated space for subtitles, quality videos, and images, with eye-catching and creative elements, will be increasingly needed. And, of course, balancing the amount of text in the caption and within the content will also be necessary.

Story stickers redesign

Story stickers have also been changed. Most do not have a 3D effect, the font is different (according to Instagram Sans update), and their color is more vibrant and highlighted.Instagram rolls out visual update 

location panel

Instagram has started introducing a location panel next to the Explore search bar. The new layout shows a map showing the stories and publications shared in each location. You can discover the most popular places around each address and the active profiles.Instagram rolls out visual updateInstagram’s visual update establishes the new path that the social network is taking and reflects the transformations the company has undergone to remain attractive to its competitors. For content creators, social media, and other digital marketing professionals who work with the network, the way is to adapt to the news and think of new strategies to use the web to publicize a business.Instagram rolls out visual update 

How to make an avatar on Instagram: step by step

Do you know when an Instagram profile is in need of more personification and you’re out of content ideas to solve it? By creating an avatar on Instagram , it is possible to give more face to a brand and make the posts more humanized and fun. In case you or your client don’t like to appear in the posts, this news will also help in this regard.In the digital environment, an avatar is a graphical, virtual, 3D representation of a person. It’s a pretty old feature that’s present on the iPhone ( Memoji ); in apps dedicated to this purpose, such as Bitmoji ; and, going further, it already existed at the time of Orkut with the famous BuddyPoke ( oh, what nostalgia !?).How to create 3D avatar on Instagram? As we reported in February of this year, the avatar feature was a trend for 2022 on Instagram and it was already being tested behind the scenes at Meta (name of the company that owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp). Some iPhone users with iOS 13 even created videos with Memoji and uploaded to stories as an alternative to what still didn’t exist on Instagram.

How to use avatar on Instagram?

You already know what to do to create and edit your own avatar, now it’s time to find out where on Instagram you can place it.

In Stories

Stories are essential to keep the frequency of visits to the profile active and constant. It is the Instagram feature that most retains users on the platform, that is, what makes them spend more time online in the application. So, the main use of the avatar is in the Story.The avatar can be used in the creation of a new Story, positioning it in the content in the way you want; or as a reaction to a Story from another profile.Free Guest Post Site Fitness

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