How to Increase or Decrease Assignment Word Count?

Are you a university student? If yes, then answer this question. Have you ever been in a situation where you have failed to meet your assignment word count? If the answer to this question is yes, then this happens with many scholars. They sometimes exceed the words or want to increase it. So, in this situation, they get stuck and cannot move further. Universities in the UK expect students to deliver an assignment exactly to their guidelines. However, due to multiple reasons, students already need help with writing a perfect paper. So, they search for assignment help UK online to get assistance from the experts.

However, if you also face similar problems, now is the time to relax. In this article, you will read about some of the tips to increase and decrease words in the assignments. So, let’s proceed with the next section.

How to Increase Word Count?

Every assignment comes with a particular set of rules given by the university. Some students know how to use them accurately, and a few of them need to. If you fall into the category of scholars who need to be made aware, then do not take any tension. It does happen with many other pupils as well. In this situation, each thinks, “Who can do my assignment for me?” Well, the answer to this following question is you can do your assignment. Talking about increasing word count, let’s understand some tips to add words to the assignment.

Add Different Perspective:

An assignment revolves around a specific topic which has a different perspective. However, to make things easy, students need to research better. Due to this, they fail to understand different people’s perspectives. However, it will help you to gather more information regarding your topic. So, you can add different angles of the topic to your paper. Also, you can take suggestions from your family, friends and professors. It will assist you to increase the word count in your assignment.

Use Examples:

Writing an assignment is not just enough for the students; making the points clear to the reader is essential.

For this, many writers use examples to convey their message more effectively to the audience. However, you are always free to use more than one example in your assignments. It will even help you to make your points more clear and also increase word count. You can find many examples online relevant to your topic; you only need to search for them.

Clarify Statements:

An assignment consists of various statements, which is essential to make it authentic. So, if you think putting up an example is enough, then clarify it. You have the liberty to explain your points, so use this weapon. It will only help you to make your assignment more trustworthy. While doing this, many times, scholars over-explain points, which leads them to lose their grades. Hence, they search for assignment help UK online. So, explain each point as it does not look like a filler.

Use Quotes:

You all know what quoting is, right? It is an effective way to use some phrases related to the topic in your assignment from outside. While doing this, citation is another essential thing which students must not miss. Well, a quote can be a single sentence or two which you can use to prove all your points. So, if you are short on words, then what you can do is to explain them. By doing this, a student can increase the word count of their assignment and make the reader understand the quote more accurately.

These are a few easy ways by which a student can increase words in their assignment. These are proven tricks that work really well for students. Moving on to the next part, understand how to decrease the word count in the assignment.

How to Decrease Word Count?

There are many students who have a habit of overwriting, which becomes a big problem for them. Due to this, their paper even gets rejected, and they lose their grades. So, the first thought that strikes their head is, “Who can do my assignment for me with accurate words? If you also get tangled in this thought, then read the below tips on decreasing words in an assignment.

Avoid Unnecessary Information:

To write an assignment, students have to do research to gather important information. However, while doing this, students often collect data which is not necessary, and they even use it in their assignments. Due to this, their paper is loaded with data that is not necessary. So, look for them when you complete writing and eliminate those information from your paper. Also, using all these makes readers and diverts them from the point.

Use Active Voice:

Students have a common habit of using passive voice, which uses more words. So, usually, the word limit exceeds; to avoid this, try active voice. It serves various benefits, like this help a writer to communicate better and directly. Active voice does not use more words, so the message reaches to the audience more direct. Thus, always use this if you want to communicate more effectively.

Get Straight To The Point:

While writing an assignment, students sometimes get diverted with the points. It happens most of them, and they write data that is not even relevant. If you also do this, avoid it, as this just fills the assignment words, nothing else. However, for readers this is a distraction, so instead of this, get straight to the point. For this, when you do research, collect data, which is necessary only. So that when you write an assignment, you will reach the points without getting diverted.

This is a list of ways that can help students to decrease their word count, in case it has exceeded the word count given by the university. Further, if you go through any issues, then you can search for assignment help UK online. There are experts available who can help you to create an impressive assignment with an accurate word count. It will also impress your professors and help them to get good grades. Not only assignments if you have any problem with other academic papers, you can get assistance from them.

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