Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park The Essential Guide

Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park The Essential GuideIntroduction:

Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park The Essential Guide is a guide book for hiking. Hiking itself is one of the enjoyable things to do but when it comes to Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park, it is not an easy thing to do and for this you need a whole lot of guidance.

Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park The Essential Guide has been written by Erik Stensland who has spent 15 years of his life hiking this Rocky mountain national park. Having thorough knowledge about every part and piece of it.

So, if you are curious about hiking in that beautiful park of our nation, you must have a thorough study about all the essential details and guidance which you need to follow to go hiking there. And for this you will have to read Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park The Essential Guide.

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It guides you about the 200 miles trail starting from marshland to alpine tundra. And it doesn’t just guide you about only the one single trail which you need to follow to reach your destination but a number of other trails, so that you don’t have difficulty in following your own trail according to the level of fitness you can afford.

One other beneficial thing about this book is that, in giving the guidance about different trails, in order to make it easy for you, they have added large color photos, custom maps, profile graphs with detailed description about every track.

Other things about which you clearly get guidance in ‘Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park The Essential Guide’ are:

What is the best time to go hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park?
What safety measures do you need to take when going hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park?
Which wildlife you are prone to encounter on your way to hiking Rocky Mountain National Park?

The book consists of 100 pages about introduction, where you will get an introduction about everything which is necessary to know in order to go hiking at Rocky Mountain National Park.

At the end of the book; Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park The Essential Guide you will get a stat sheet about the location of every of the trails of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

In short you can’t find a book in which you can get any better or more detail about the Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park then you will find in it.

Latest guide book:

Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park The Essential Guide is considered as one of the most recent books for getting a guide on Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park in which you will get the most latest and detailed description about all the minute guidance details which you need to know about the hiking trails of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Other than the book, you can also find a website which is working in cooperation and which provides the latest updates about hiking.

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It helps you to know experiences which you have to face during your hiking, some experiences would be wild but enjoyable at the same time. But it will guide you about them, so that you may be well-prepared about your hiking and also be able to keep yourself safe.

It gives you details about 75 hike plans. Doesn’t matter if you are going to travel with your family or children or just alone to gain new and wonderful experiences, it will give you guidance accordingly.

It guides you about a number of Hiking trails starting from easy to difficult. You just need to choose the one according to your strength. The hiking stratification has been done by the color coding in four sections;


Topics under discussion:

The topics which you will find in Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park: The Essential Guide include;

What to pack?
What to wear?
What wildlife you will encounter.
What to do if you forget the track or get lost?
Understanding about the weather of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

And the list doesn’t end there, you will find much more.


You will find 80 custom-made topographical maps which give a thorough detail about every trail and track. They are easily understandable and even a simple person doesn’t have to work hard to understand them.

A number of graphs have also been introduced in the map. So you can also identify the ups and downs of your track.

List of statistics:

Total round-trip distance.
Estimated Hiking Time.
Elevation starts.
Destination Elevation.
Total Elevation Gain.
Ecosystem to pass through.
Open trail timing.
The best time to go.
Trail Conditions.
Special Reminders.


You will also find details about the names of the mountains, tracks, their definitions, from where their names have been taken and referred to and many more things.

Other info about the book:

512 pages.
Sewn binding.
Rounded corners.
150gsm art gloss paper.
Forest Stewardship Council’s seal.
8.5’’x5.5’’x1.25’’ size.



So, Hiking Rocky Mountain National Guide The Essential Guide is one of the most latest and best books you can ever find about Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park, you will enjoy the custom maps and coloring being present in the book along with the detailed guide about every of the track and trail of the mountain.

You can order the book online from a number of sites or even get it from the market, you can also follow their site to get the latest updates about the hiking and new things and trails being introduced.

You will find the best introductory portion in which you will get guidance about every of the preparations you need to do in your hiking process. What you need to take with you, what ways you need to follow, and what things you can expect to happen in your journey.

In the end of the books you will get the locations, maps and index. So, if you are planning to go, always read the book before going there for hiking.

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