Here’s when you need to hire a divorce lawyer in Madison

Wisconsin is a no-fault state for divorces. For the unversed, this essentially means that the fault of either spouse is not a matter of concern for getting a divorce. If your marriage is irretrievably broken, that’s a reason enough to initiate the legal process. Before other things, you need to consider whether you need legal help. There are some situations when hiring a Madison divorce lawyer becomes more necessary than usual, and for your help, we have enlisted a few of such circumstances.

  • When you are spouse is unlikely to cooperate: People don’t always act rationally when it comes to ending a marriage. If you think your spouse is not likely to agree to the divorce or may take steps to make things more complicated than required, you should get a lawyer to represent you.
  • When you have matters such as domestic violence: No one should have to deal with domestic violence, but when that becomes a reason to get a divorce, having an attorney is critical. You can work with your lawyer to get a restraining order, especially if you fear for your life or the safety of your kids.
  • When you own considerable assets: The distribution of marital properties is often a matter of concern in your divorce. You need an attorney to help you recover what’s rightfully yours. Couples with more wealth have more to worry about when the marriage falls apart.
  • When you have child custody battles: If you and your spouse don’t seem to agree to child custody, visitation rights, and other relevant aspects, you must get help from an expert. Divorce attorneys know family law in Wisconsin and can offer the right advice on the matter.
  • When dealing with financial woes: Whether or not you get alimony depends on several factors. If you want spousal support and don’t expect the same from your spouse, get a lawyer immediately. They can help you with the financial aspects.
  • When you are unsure how to manage the paperwork: Your divorce is a complex legal process, and if you don’t know how to deal with the documentation, court filing, and drafting a marital agreement, you should have a lawyer.

Finally, you should get a divorce lawyer for your peace of mind. Knowing that an attorney is helping you with every step of the journey is always a relief. You can always discuss the divorce costs in advance to manage the finances better.

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