Here’s How You Know About A Bad Timing Chain

The internal combustion engine is a formidable invention. However, there have been so many developments in the technology too. Either it is the introduction of sensors to manage the engine operation or optimum fuel delivery by the ever sophisticated fuel injectors.

However, one thing has not changed too much. It is the timing belt, or more precisely, the timing chain. The timing belt has an important role in synchronising the various important parts that complete the engine’s operations.

How does the timing chain work properly?

More specifically, a car consists of a crankshaft and a camshaft at the lower and upper portions of the engine, respectively. Furthermore, proper synchronisation is required to allow the mixture of fuel and air inside the combustion chamber, as well as the release of exhaust gases at a specific time.

A timing chain manages the opening of the engine’s inlet and exhaust valves at a proper interval for a successful internal combustion process. However, an optimal level of performance is only possible when there is a proper timing chain available. A damaged or loose timing chain would make it impossible to achieve peak engine performance, fuel economy, and, of course, power.

When do you expect a car to have a damaged timing chain?

Under normal circumstances, a timing chain should last 100,000 kilometres. But it is completely relative to the driving habits of a driver as well as the routine maintenance of a vehicle. Usually, the timing chain may get loose in length or it might lose a link.

If the timing chain is loose, there will be no acceleration, while a broken link will cause intermittent jerks while driving. Because a timing chain is a critical component under the hood, you should be aware of various signs of a bad timing belt or chain. If any problem persists with your car, it might throw these problems in front of you.

Engine rattling during starting or idling

A stretched timing chain is obviously going to make proceedings hard because there would be strain on the camshaft and crankshaft. Most commonly, a car produces the rattling sound under the hood.

Such an obnoxious sound is audible, especially when the vehicle is starting or idling. Sometimes, the timing chain could hit the cover. Besides, a worn timing chain might create problems in the synchronisation of the valves, while pistons may get damaged. Sometimes, the engine may encounter serious damage when pistons collide with the valves at the cylinder head.

However, there is an alternative in terms of Service My Car experts to get your car’s timing chain inspected and avoid a car engine repair.

Occurrence of metal shavings in the engine oil

Engine oil may receive a considerable presence of metal shavings when the timing chain starts to wear. When the timing chain starts to wear out, small metal pieces start to fade away, and they find their way into the oil pan.

However, you definitely get your vehicle’s routine car maintenance when a mechanic goes for a car oil change. But if there are metal shavings in the engine oil, it is a red alert for the timing belt.

Metal shavings are also the result of the deterioration of a number of components under the hood. Therefore, if a mechanic hints at metal debris, ask him for an inspection. Besides, you can come to Service My Car for expert assistance.

Car hints with the help of a check engine light

A check engine light may come on for a number of reasons with a car’s engine. A car’s computer never hesitates to hint at a problem with the help of the check engine light.

The computer sends signals to the dashboard to flash the light when there is any problem with a car’s engine or emission system. However, a problematic timing chain might hamper engine performance, and there would be improper emissions.

However, there is also a diagnostic code to find the real problems behind the scenes. Service My Car offers expert assessment with its car scanning and diagnostics service. If there is a need, your car will also get a timing belt replacement.

Misfiring engine along with poor performance

Combustion relies on the valve timing, and the timing chain ensures it. However, a mere disturbance might result in problems with the combustion process and consequently poor performance.

Usually, a timing chain might stretch and become loose. Sometimes, it may miss a chain link. A missing link could skip a gear on supporting tools such as a camshaft or crankshaft. When it happens, the engine timing is not as efficient, which definitely results in a misfire.

There are numerous causes of engine misfiring. However, timing chain failure is one of the more serious. It is necessary to take preventive steps by visiting Service My Car as soon as possible.

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You cannot expect an engine to perform with a worn timing chain. Besides, it is also risky to drive in such a condition. However, you can avoid such a situation by getting proper care from Service My Car. Simply book a car service online and request a car repair quote online.

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