Five Reasons Why Assignment Help Is Better than AI

The era is knocking on the door where humans are no longer the only species to be called intelligent. A.I. has spread its tentacles in all possible fields, including academics. But despite all the alleged success, the A.I. still lacks many important aspects, especially in academia, which sets assignment help apart and above any A.I. tool. Moreover, despite many manual fields dominated by the intelligent machine, some still stand unscathed on the onslaught of A.I.

5 Reason Why A.I. Can Never Beat Experts 

Let’s find out the reasons why assignment help is still a better option:

Your Professor Uses the A.I. Detection Tool. No Doubt!

It works on the ‘reap what you sow’ method. You heard it right. Suppose you take the A.I. help for academic purposes, including any writing assignment. In that case, there’s a high probability that A.I. detector software like Winston or Originality.AI might get involved by your professor, and as a result, your report card will get an F. It will surely trickle down and stick with your name. Meanwhile, maybe you will be awarded a penalty of a year’s loss or whatever the university deems fit for you. You heard it right.

Not Acceptable in Any University. Never Was!

Many universities are reforming their laws and forming new methods to keep A.I. and its ill users out of the university precinct and academic discourse. Be aware.  

There’s a sharp possibility that A.I. might take over the world, and then humans will have to worry more about the means of survival than university grades. But it’s like every other sci-fi story and will likely be real in a fictional world. So currently, you have to focus more on the upcoming assignment deadline than a sci-fi movie plot.

It Misses the Human Touch. Always Will!

Even though the A.I. has come so far, it’s not yet reached ‘From brick to marble’. And will never achieve such great feats as the Pontifex Maximus, Julius Caesar, one of our kind, which is why that quote exists.

As humans, we can formulate information uniquely, which we have developed through thousands of years of consistent evolution. However, A.I. doesn’t incorporate such traits and is still an infant, which is also why it’s easily detectable for a savant, in this case, your professor.

That Is Plagiarism at Its Best. No Question! 

Since A.I. is a machine learning system, it has to gather knowledge from somewhere, and sadly it only has one platform: the best, the worst, the mighty, and the shrew. Wrong! It is not your deli market; it’s the internet. Therefore, rather than generating original content, A.I. tools create a ‘well-organized mess’. And nobody likes a mess, especially when you have to clean it to find what’s important. That’s an arduous task, for sure. That’s why there are experts in all facets of life to keep the mess out, like online assignment help for assignments.

It’s Like an Internet Bully. And the Best!  

Well, isn’t it obvious? Much of the research on A.I. find it turning into one of human history’s evilest and most monstrous characters. Therefore, the scary thing is that it has unwavering access to your everyday life and thought process, which any dictator from the annals of history and reigning in the present has always yearned for.  

The A.I. lacks a filter to discern between reliable information and utter junk. So whatever is collected or learned online gets accumulated in the same section. But the junk part consists of a large proportion of the internet. Therefore, another sad thing is that the A.I. is biased in favour of the junk, which teaches A.I. all the evil. And nobody likes an evil writer jotting down assignments in a bad manner. 

The Solution!

Since you don’t have 36 hours in a day to have sufficient time to complete the assignments, and your 24 hours are packed with a hectic schedule, with no extra time to haul a burden of assignments.

Then… You only get two options:  

  1. You can either go on the A.I. way and risk your academic endeavour.
  2. Or, you can choose online assignment help.

Assignment Writing Help 

There are numerous advantages of online assignment help over A.I. tools. For instance:

  • It’s easy, reliable and error-free.
  • Plagiarism proof.
  • It holds a genuine human character.
  • Meticulously organized to meet your academic needs.
  • It lets you boost your productivity without any worries.
  • The assignments will be ready to submit before the due date.
  • You’ll score excellent grades without the risk of termination. 

The A.I. has lots of advantages for sure, but it still lacks many of the key elements. 

Assignment expert fills the gaps which A.I. can never and let you have what you aim for, a perfect written material that ensures academic success without any further hassle.

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