Experience of traveling solo What is The Reality ?

Experience of traveling soloHow is your experience of traveling solo? You need to share it with everyone to make them yearn so that they also start traveling, and indeed traveling solo is the best thing to do because there is no one to guide you to go there and there, eat this and that thing, and you gain a lot of experience of traveling solo.

We are not saying don’t travel with your family or friends but there are sometimes when they don’t have time or money or you want to spend time with yourself, so select a random place, or one of your favorite places to gain experience of traveling solo and enjoying yourself.

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Even if you don’t consider yourself brave enough to travel solo, still start going to nearby places and then far and away so you will be able to gain self- consciousness and confidence that you don’t need to depend on anyone for anything if it’s traveling or anything else, you are able to do it by yourself.

There will obviously come a time when you will start loving that independence. Yes this is independence. Independence is about going to your own place, making your own decisions, in charge of your own budget, you will be free to decide everything on your own. And you will not feel lonely at all, but surrounded by the beauty of nature and new companions.

So, in order to make you more encouraged and curious about the experience of traveling solo, let’s discuss with you what lovely and awesome experience you can gain from your solo travelings.


You will not feel embarrassed about anything:

When you travel with your friends or family, you want to do certain things and at the same time you feel like, maybe they don’t like this thing, they will judge you by that particular activity, and you will feel embarrassed.

Experience of travelling solo? But it’s not the same with traveling solo, at that time you are your own judge, you can enjoy anything of your own choice, and when other people look at you, they are filled with awe, that you have that much confidence of traveling solo, they appreciate you about it.

But even if they look at you with pity? Does that matter? Not at all, because they are nothing to you, and no matter what they think about you, you are not going to meet them again.


You will learn to stay lonely:

Some people are so much attached with their families or sometimes friends, they can’t take a step in the outer world by their own, but may you don’t know that nothing and no one lasts forever with you, so you need to be independent about yourself at a certain age, if it was not in the childhood, so now it’s the time to be.

No doubt and you can’t escape, you will feel lonely at certain times, when you will find no one around you to talk and share certain things, when you have to do everything by your own, but you will also enjoy these things to a certain level.

When you are lonely with yourself experience of travelling solo, you have time to focus on yourself, what are you thinking? What are your goals to do next? What are your preferences? And knowing yourself is the best thing in the world. And sometimes you feel like you really don’t wanna go back home.

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You will make new friends:

You will not only start gaining new experiences, but also making new friends, the ones whose company you can enjoy while traveling. And by this even if you will feel lonely but you will not be lonely at all.

Meeting new people, having a conversation with them, is really a new experience in itself. Even if they are no longer with you on the other trips, it’s just fine. At least you will have memories of them and sometimes you meet like-minded people which is really a blessing.


Help you focus on your future goals:

You start gaining new experiences and it starts changing your way of looking towards life, really before traveling you were like with something else but all your future goals start changing, you start to be more aware of the fact that what are your own plans and preferences about your future.

And in these travels you can even find someone who would be the person to take you to the place where you wish to be, you will meet your opportunities, your goals.


The world is good:

It’s  not always that you meet good people on your way, traveling solo is really a challenging thing to do, but with time you will learn how to save yourself and protect your things along with you from certain robbers, but at the same time you will find a number of sympathy giving and helpful people, at least you will get out of that monotonous routine of your life.

You will feel overwhelmed by certain things, but at the same time you will enjoy these things, just establish the guts to follow your paths. You will really start looking at the world from a new mirror and a clean mirror instead, the one in which everything will look pretty and awe inspiring.



You have independence about everything of yours, you don’t have to follow other’s paths. You can go anywhere and enjoy anything without having been ordered by others. It’s really wonderful. You can eat by your own choice, sleep by your own choice, select places of your own choice, meet people of your own choice and many more things.


Your experiences will not end there, you will gain more and more one you have gained the experience of traveling solo, you will start loving the world and solo traveling, you will not need anyone at your back to guide and order you, to do things in this way, you will be your own boss.

So, don’t wait, just start gaining experience of traveling solo today, and share and inspire others with your experiences and journeys.

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