Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog

Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blogDad and buried the anti parent parenting blog Mike Julianelle partakes in a beverage while watching out for his child, “Investigator Munch.”

Blogging from: Park Slope, Brooklyn

Better believe it, he’s a dad, however he won’t let that ruin his life.

Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog

Brooklynite and dad blogger Mike Julianelle loves his child. However, Julianelle straightforwardly proclaims on his blog, Dad and Buried, that parenthood can at times be a drag. Assuming on the liability of really focusing on a little person requires important changes in way of life and in needs. He can’t go out and drink whenever he needs to, and large numbers of his exercises are presently more youngster driven. Regardless of these changes, Julianelle says, he’s not allowing parenthood to change what his identity is.

“I don’t see the need to live in the kid bubble,” Julianelle says.

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Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog

Calling himself the counter parent, Julianelle utilizes Dad and Buried to vent his disappointments about critical parents, “parental specialists,” and his own baffling experiences with parenthood. He depicts himself as pessimistic and mocking, and accepts it is useful so that different parents could see it’s alright to be apprehensive; it is difficult to have children. All things considered, Julianelle concedes his blog will most certainly outrage individuals — yet just the ones not savvy to the point of getting his humor.

“I don’t become excessively mad when individuals say I’m a jerk, ” Julianelle says. “However long my better half and child believe I’m working really hard, it’s fine.”

Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog

Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog

A famous element on the blog is his “covered privileged insights” segment where parents can namelessly share their mysteries, for example, when “Boob Tube” admitted on May 31: “The TV keeps an eye on youngster when I get off work ordinary. I’m raising a 2-year-old habitual slouch.”

While observing for any posts that would be risky, the discussion is generally open. Julianelle plans for it to be a nonjudgmental spot for parents to move things out into the open.

In particular, Julianelle maintains that his perusers should find the blog entertaining. Having a family, he says, isn’t all daylight and rainbows. He should tell the truth, however that doesn’t mean individuals can’t think that it is entertaining. “I trust individuals giggle generally,” Julianelle says.

Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog

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