Common Problems with Suzuki Cars

Suzuki has been known for manufacturing reliable and affordable cars. However, like any other vehicle, Suzuki cars are not immune to issues and recalls. In this article, we will discuss some of the common problems that have been reported with Suzuki cars, including the Kizashi, Grand Vitara, and SX4 models.

2010-2013 Kizashi and 2006-2013 Grand Vitara: Shrinkage of Leather Seat Upholstery

One of the recurring issues reported in the 2010-2013 Kizashi and 2006-2013 Grand Vitara models is the shrinkage of leather seat upholstery. This shrinkage problem has been found to put excessive pressure on the Occupant Classification System (OCS), leading to OCS failures. When the OCS fails to detect passengers accurately, it compromises the proper functioning of the airbags, potentially causing more harm than protection.

Suzuki attributes the shrinkage problem to high heat and humidity, which can cause the leather seat upholstery to contract. This issue highlights the importance of maintaining the interior of your Suzuki car in optimal conditions to prevent potential safety hazards.

2012-2013 SX4: Power Steering Pump Failure in Cold Weather

In the 2012-2013 SX4 models, Suzuki has faced a recurring problem with the power steering pump seizing in cold weather conditions. The pressure within the power steering pumps increases significantly in low temperatures, leading to pump failures. A report from Canada in April 2016 highlighted a specific incident where a power steering pump failed when the steering wheel was turned at low speed.

Unfortunately, Suzuki is yet to find a concrete solution to address this issue. The power steering pump failure in cold weather conditions poses a potential safety risk, as it can make steering more challenging, especially in adverse weather conditions.

2006 Grand Vitara: Power Steering Loss due to Weakened Plastic Parts

Owners of the 2006 Grand Vitara have reported a loss of power steering due to weakened plastic parts in the pump belt adjuster pulley. The tension adjuster pulley, responsible for operating the power steering pump and air conditioner compressor, features an outer portion made of plastic.

Repeated exposure to heat stress events can cause the plastic material to deteriorate over time, leading to the breakage of the pulley. This issue highlights the importance of regular maintenance and inspection of critical components to prevent potential power steering failures.

5,800 Kizashi and SX4 Vehicles: Control Module Problems in CVT

Suzuki issued a recall for 5,800 Kizashi and SX4 vehicles due to control module problems inside the continuously variable transmission (CVT) system. The stress cracks caused by heat can initiate in unsoldered areas of the modules, resulting in electrical issues.

These electrical issues can cause the solenoids responsible for controlling the hydraulic pressure of the transmission fluid to increase in pressure, leading to a rise in transmission fluid temperatures. This problem can affect the overall performance and longevity of the CVT system, potentially resulting in transmission failures.

2009-2013 Grand Vitara: Gear Shifter Breakage

Another common problem reported in the 2009-2013 Grand Vitara models is the breaking of the gear shifters. The gear shift rear shaft, which connects the shift lever and the manual transmission, can break due to repeated right-to-left and left-to-right movement of the shift lever.

The gear shifter breaking due to regular shifting of gears emphasizes the need for robust and durable components. Suzuki has issued a recall for this problem, offering free repairs to affected owners.


While Suzuki cars are generally reliable and affordable, it is important for owners to be aware of the common problems that have been reported. From shrinkage of leather seat upholstery to power steering pump failures, control module problems, and gear shifter breakage, these issues can impact the safety and performance of the vehicles.

Suzuki has taken steps to address these problems through recalls and free repairs, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction and safety. Regular maintenance and inspections can also help prevent potential issues and ensure the longevity of your Suzuki car.

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