Celebrating The Innovative Eyewear Industry

4 Impactful Innovations In The Eyewear Industry

The eyewear industry has been constantly innovating to meet the consumer demands. Here are some of the most noted innovations that you need to know. Read on!

Innovation has been the backbone of the eyewear industry and it has helped it stay relevant by meeting the consumer demands that keep fluctuating with the change in time. It is innovation that is the reason behind eyewear being a multifunctional accessory today, and not just an eyesight correction instrument.

Although there have been many innovations – both big and small, here are some of the notable ones that need to be celebrated. Read on!


Before we discuss varifocal glasses in detail, it needs to be understood that varifocals are an advancement of bifocal lenses.

Also known as progressive lenses, the function of varifocal lenses is to provide eyesight correction for both the conditions of nearsightedness and farsightedness simultaneously. They are designed with multiple focal points, with three visibility zones that cater to eyesight correction for different ranges of distance – namely near, far and intermediate.

The three visibility zones are assigned on different parts of the lenses in a manner so that you do not need to adjust them manually when shifting the focus of your eyes from a distant object to anything close up, or vice-versa. It is the intermediate zone with a crucial role here as it ensures a seamless transition between different distances. Bifocal lenses do not have any intermediate zone.

The other aspect where varifocals differ from bifocals is in their visual appeal as the boundaries separating the visibility zones are not visible to the naked eye in the case of varifocals, giving them an appearance similar to that of any normal lenses. Varifocals have a better style element when compared to bifocals as the boundaries are visible in the case of bifocals.

If you want to buy varifocal glasses at pocket-friendly prices, you can head online and explore the amazing collection that is both stylish and affordable.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Most of us spend a significant amount of time staring at digital screens in this modern digital era, and a lot of time, it is for something that is necessary. Well, unhealthy screen time can have a harmful effect on our eyes, and hence, we need to be cautious here.

Blue light is emitted from a range of other sources as well, but the thing that needs to be noted in the case of digital screens is that our eyes are in very close proximity to the source and hence the intensity of exposure is higher. The other important thing that needs to be understood is that the frequency of blue light lies towards the higher end among the various components of light in the visible spectrum. It is this very characteristic of blue light that makes excessive exposure to it problematic.

Blue light blocking glasses have a crucial role to play in helping you deal with the harmful effects of blue light emitted from digital screens. The blue light protective coating that is applied over the lenses of these pairs has the function of blocking blue light incident over the surface so that it is prevented from reaching our eyes.

Reglaze Glasses

Although the service of reglaze glasses has been around for quite some time now, it certainly deserves a place here when we are talking about the most noted innovations in the eyewear industry as it has made things convenient for all those who just need an upgrade in their lenses.

If you already own an existing pair of glasses, and now there is a need for an upgrade in lenses, why buy a new pair when you can get just the lenses of your existing pair replaced? You can send your existing pair for reglazing and opt for the lenses that you wish to upgrade them to. Your lenses will then be replaced and fitted into the new frames.

The reglaze glasses service lets you do just that. You can also opt for this when your prescription has changed to get it updated.

Apart from making savings, you also get to style your existing frames for a longer duration of time when you send your pairs for reglazing.

Transition Lenses

Transition lenses are one of the most fascinating innovations by the eyewear industry. They have an exceptional style, and an amazing utility as you get the function of both glasses and sunglasses in a single pair.

Talking about how they work, the surface of transition lenses is coated with photochromic dyes that are sensitive to UV rays. As and when the surface of these lenses meet UV rays, the function of UV protection of photochromic dyes gets activated, and these lenses immediately change from a fully clear appearance to a darker one as that of sunglasses.

When the surrounding is absent of UV rays, transition lenses act as a normal pair of glasses with clear lenses and in sunny conditions, they transform into a cool pair of sunglasses. You no longer need to carry both glasses and sunglasses if you choose to go with transition lenses.

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