Best Travel Destinations in 2022

Are you a beach lover or one with cravings for culture and history? Or you are all about scrumptious cuisines? When it comes to traveling escapades, everyone has their preferences. Some of us had already made a list of our dream Travel destinations while growing up. But once we grew up, we figured out that the Eiffel is a bit too clichéd and Coachella is way too crowded.

I have skimmed through the traveling reviews of my favorite travel bloggers and some seasoned travelers. And since I’m planning a visit too, I have checked every detail of all these destinations just like I scrutinize all the offered features of the cable providers in my area. Yes! In that much detail! So, save yourself the hassle of figuring out the travel destinations.

Here are a few Pinterest-worthy scenic spots to make things easier for you:

5 Bucket List Destinations for 2022

  1. Transylvania, Romania.
  2. Santorini, Greece.
  3. Hawaii, the United States.
  4. Cappadocia, Turkey.
  5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Transylvania, Romania

Looking for exotic yet cheap travel destinations? We have a legit suggestion for you. Transylvania, Romania is overlooked quite often when it comes to top European destinations. But it does offer a memorable experience. From witnessing mythical things to interacting with incredibly hospitable locals, you have a lot to experience there.

If you are a tourist on a budget, consider this your dream destination. The Carpathian Mountains offer a mesmerizing backdrop whilst you get to experience the culture shock. The place has a lot to offer. You get to see history in the form of perfectly preserved castles. You see nomadic sheep packs adding to the natural beauty. Interacting with the Roma people will allow you to see how they love their unique and authentic culture. And to serve as the cherry on the cake, the cuisine is delicious!

Romania will perhaps be your finest cultural immersion. Ever!

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is truly bewitching! The said destination has been massively trending on social media. People seem to be addicted to those dazzling white and blue verandas. So much so, that luxe brands have photo-and-video-graphed their product lines and created modeling campaigns with this enchanting backdrop.

The deep blue scintillating and majestic sea looks like it is erupting with beauty and charm. If you want to have a mythical and cherishable traveling experience, you will fall in love with this Greek island. For travelers with an aesthetic streak, poets and painters will dazzle you with their artsy masterpieces.

What’s not to love? From the endless blue sea and multi-hued rocks to picture-perfect, romantic sunsets, the island is a true celebration of beauty. You also get to enjoy fantastic luxe hotels, boat tours, wine tours, scrumptious cuisine, and romantic streets.

Hawaii, the United States

Hawaii is the paradise of the States. It has been hailed as one of the most exotic, popular, and classy travel destinations for decades now. This place deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime. Get ready to be dazzled by the scenic natural beauty at the hiking trails and tours. If you love photography, you will be overjoyed by the variety and number of photography opportunities on the island.

The spectacular beaches and the majestic volcanoes are visions to behold. The waters are cobalt blue and add immensely to the beauty of the beaches. You can enjoy a range of fun activities like water sports, surfing, sailing, and of course, swimming. The cultural festivals and artistic events are major tourist attractions. Hawaii is a package and that’s why it never fails to be a part of travel destinations listings.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A popular entrée to consider for your travel bucket list! If you are someone, who loves to party hard, this is your place to be. The signature laid-back party scene and the relaxing vibes in the city make you want to enjoy life. Rio is known for its stunning beaches. The city features an active nightlife scene with a range of activities. The lush mountainous backdrop looks like a piece of art.

You can enjoy a plethora of exciting sports activities such as surfing, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, and so on. This makes it a perfect destination for adrenaline junkies too. The popular beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana are major attractions for bloggers, tourists and celebs alike. You also get to enjoy all-night parades and parties.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Turkey is gorgeous. Its historically rich art and culture have been attracting tourists for centuries now. People love witnessing the lost history of the magnificent Ottoman Empire. The cities like Istanbul, Bodrum, Konya, and Antalya shouldn’t be missed once you are in the country.

Cappadocia however, is a place for adventure enthusiasts. You cannot miss the hot-air balloon experience and soar across the city’s fairy chimneys. The cone-shaped rocks and cave-styled hotels make the experience incredible. Cappadocia is known to have formed as early as 60 million years ago. The erosion of soft layers of ash and lava from Mount Argeus/Erciyes caused the formation of this rocky area. These beautiful hues, artsy geo-formations, and extraordinary landscapes will bewilder you. For Geology nerds, it is the place to be!

Having my fair share of research done, I have finally decided to book a ticket to Cappadocia with my Cox cable and internet. You decide your vacation destination for yourself!

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