Best Apps That Can Help You Eat Healthier

Eating healthier is not about imposing strict limitations on yourself and becoming unrealistically thin by depriving yourself of food that you love. Being healthy and fit is more about having more energy in your body, feeling fresh, and boosting your mood. Also, you don’t have to make your healthy eating routine too complicated.

Using some strict practices can get you closer to your fitness goals but it will compel you to spend a lot of money on buying special food supplements and different products. As a result, you will not be able to save money and sustain your healthy routine for a long time. Also, you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by all the diet plans as there are different diet plans recommended by different trainers and experts.

To keep you focused on a simple and single diet routine, we have a few apps that can help you get a better way to eat healthier. These apps simply reside on your iOS devices and can help you have a healthy approach to fitness. Let’s have a look at a few apps that can help you eat healthier and stay happy.

Ate Food Journal

The app offers a mindful, body-positive, and intuitive approach to a healthier lifestyle. You can enjoy eating and use the app to promote positive self-talk, be mindful and maintain a log of the meals that you have consumed. The app helps you avoid crash diets, calorie counting, and other practices that restrict you from freeing your mind when it comes to food and health. You can get used to different habits that you can maintain with consistency and enjoy in the long run.

The app also allows you to capture meals using the Photosfeature, have a glance at your recent meals, look back on the previous experiments related to your diet, and more. You can use the app to perform a 16:8 intermittent fasting routine and share your journey with your friends/coaches easily. The app has so much to offer for people willing to become a better version of themselves.

App Store Rating: 4.8


The app gets healthy eating and personalized nutrition within your reach and has more features than a regular calorie counter. It can help you with better and more nutritious diets and add more taste to your everyday meals. You can set and achieve your weight loss goals and find motivation and inspiration during your health journey. You can also follow your dreams while making healthy choices for your mind and body.

The app uses the expertise of different doctors, nutritionists, and professional chefs to get you better meals and stay fit. You can use barcode scanners to maintain a food diary and identify food. You can also use the different features of the app like a macro tracker, calorie counter, water-intake tracker, different Intermittent fasting plans, integration with different fitness trackers for better results, etc.

You can even use the app’s customized grocery list that can complement your fitness routines and other features that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

App Store Rating: 4.7

Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools

Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools can help you provide the best and most advanced tools for smart cooking. The app’s AI can suggest different recipes that you would love to eat and stay on your fitness routine. You can set your diet preferences and get recipes that will suit your routine. If you have an allergy, the app will show you recipes by omitting those ingredients and allergens.

To get more targeted recommendations, you can use the app’s AI and get your favorite cuisine keeping in mind your diet needs. You can even have a look at the different recipes on Spectrum Cable TV and use the app to see if it can be part of your fitness routine. Watch cooking shows on RCN Cable TV and make your dietary decisions more targeted.

One of the unique features of the app is that it can help you reduce and eliminate food waste making it an environment-friendly platform for users.

App Store Rating: 4.8


In the end, one can say that there are so many apps that you can use to make sure that you lead a healthy lifestyle. For many people, especially people who work and for people on the go, following crash diets and restrictive eating routines can be impossible.

These apps are also very useful for such people who want to stick to a healthy diet and routine but do not get enough time to prepare or do groceries. Download these apps on your iPhone and other iOS devices for free and live a healthy life.

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