A Highlight on Assignments Matter by Eleanor Dougherty

In today’s academic world students are often occupied with their project work. They often question the practical use of the assignments given to them. Unlike teaching which consists of a series of activities, assignments involve a cycle of learning. They require students to progress through a process of steps leading to a final result that improves their learning. Assignments encourage them to research and practice theories following valuable instruction. Hence, students must take them seriously. They can also seek help from assignment writing service to draft well-crafted assignments. 

The book Assignments Matter, written by Eleanor Dougherty, discusses various benefits and importance of project work. It describes that assignments are crucial not only for students but teachers as well. If they are able to give papers that are beneficial in skill buiding, pupils will take them seriously. Hence, every assignment should be given with the content and context of learning a particular topic taught in classroom. This way, the students will form a base in learning the process with a practical approach. It will also enhance their subject knowledge. Furthermore, in the section you will read about more such highlights of the book. 

An Overview of the Book

The book Assignments Matter is a helpful guide that provides information on all stages of assignments. It covers starting points, reasons for the strategies, assessment ideas, and other factors that influence the evaluations. The author walks through why assignments are a crucial part of the educational process for students. It also explains how to design them effectively, why they are significant in the classroom, and what they mean in future. 

The book is divided into three main sections. The first section explains the “Why and What,” which includes the basics of assignments and why they matter. The second section “In the Classroom,” talks about writing assignments and how they reflect and expand the teaching of the related topics. The third section deals with assignments serving as a medium of instruction and using them as data. These connect assignments to life outside the classroom. 

This book also includes links to technology that will provide additional resources and ideas for designing lessons and assignments. The appendix also provides more information, including websites for assignment content and organizations providing some curious topics as well. 

Students often require help from assignment helper to complete their tasks. Hence, the book also talks about the various learning outcomes from this task. Furthermore, the coming section discusses the importance of assignments and their role in academics. 

Why Do Assignments Matter for Students? 

Crafting well-designed projects can make learning more appealing and engaging. Teachers also play a crucial role in the process of crafting assignments. They have to be conscious of the context and content of the topic they assign. Assignments challenge students to think and learn when they are clear and relevant. They help students engage in purposeful work throughout the process, from the introduction of a topic to the conclusion of a subject. 

The topic should be around a specific purpose and context. For example, writing an essay to compare government policies or building a support group for a local shelter. Students might require assistance from an essay helper to complete this task. It will enable them to draft this paper through proper research and following all the instructions. That is why, it’s worth the effort to invest time in completing the project. 

Now that you have read about the role of assignments in building academic skills, the next section highlights each point briefly.  

Impacts Academic Performance

Assignments are an extension of the learning process for various students. They provide elaboration on the topic taught in the classroom. Hence, it enables the students to revise parts of their syllabus deeply. They also understand the importance of seeking assistance from assignment writing service to perform well in their tasks. As these projects are a crucial part of the evaluation process, they impact the overall result in the finals. Therefore, if students take it seriously, they excel in their grades. 

Links Expectations to Achievements

When assignments align with high expectations, students challenge themselves irrespective of their skill sets or content background. They should create a purpose and be meaningful in investing time, effort and achievement for students. In most cases, they seek help from assignment helper to complete their task. This way, they become more valuable and polish them to aim better. When they set a target for themselves, they can work efficiently towards it. Hence, assignments help provide them with the stage to dream, expect and achieve their goals. 

Promotes Explicit Learning 

Establishing challenging goals for students and creating positive pressure on them to achieve it can set high expectations. On the other hand, low expectations and little pressure to achieve can lead to poor performance. When teachers assign competitive tasks, students are involved in giving their best. However, If the tasks are not interesting, it results in boredom as they are often routine-based and focus very little on skill development. Therefore, assignments work as a medium for students to learn exceptional skills through their tasks. 

Adheres to the ELA Standards

In the current educational environment, the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy represent new educational bars for students. These standards differ from the last decade’s standards as they promote practical learning. They also emphasize the role of literacy in all core subjects. They require that students acquire academic skills that they can apply across all areas, especially those involving unique ideas and texts. Hence, assignments create a platform for them to develop these core qualities that would benefit their learning. 

Covers the Curriculum Training 

A lesson without an assignment can confuse students and affect their knowledge. However, a well-designed project sets a goal for students and equips them with the skills to reach that goal. It also enables them to explore challenging academic topics. Hence, students can seek help from an essay helper to research their subjects. Most importantly, assignments provide a platform for learning and thinking about ideas, topics, events, and questions related to the curriculum. Therefore, a well-crafted assignment is the hallmark of effective learning.

Final Thoughts 

The book says that in order to become proficient in their tasks, students must apply various skills like language usage, context, tone and vocabulary. Additionally, they require qualities of logic and reasoning to write and present their project effectively. Therefore, seeking assignment writing service makes them independent, literate, and critical thinkers. These tasks are also aligned with long-term goals, whether those goals are building toward proficiency on assessments or college and workplace readiness. Hence, when students craft their projects diligently, they have made them functional and worthwhile in time, effort, and achievement.  

Assignments enable students to develop a mindset for their career. If they learn to take them seriously, they are paving way for a bright future. Assignments enhance various skills like discipline, consistency, research and many such qualities that benefit them in their subject areas. They are able think more clearly about the specializations that they can take in future. Hence, both teachers and students should be serious with assignment. It enables learning from both the end and better result in the evaluation process of universities.

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