9 Easy Ways to Prettify Your Assignment Paper Like Never Before!

Assignments are one of the biggest things in school and it is hard to evade them. It’s not only in terms of what you write but also concerning your presentation. Each assignment has its particular way of being done. If you get this setup right, your grades might go up. Making your assignment look good is important. There are some easy tricks to do it. If you follow these tricks, your assignment will look professional and catch the eye of your readers and teachers. One of the tricks talks about using an online assignment help service to your advantage at the end of the article.

To make your assignment appealing, pay attention to its appearance. If you’re uncertain about formatting, keep reading this article for essential presentation tips.

Making your assignment look good is key. If you’re not sure how to make it look neat, here are some tips:

  • Pick the right fonts.
  • Create an interesting title page.
  • Include headers and footers.
  • Follow the spacing rules.
  • Use headings and subheadings.
  • Clarify with examples.
  • Add visuals like pictures or charts.
  • Include your sources.
  • Don’t write too much; be concise.

1. Pick the right fonts

Consider the appearance of your words on the page. The choice of font matters significantly. It should be easy on the eyes, so opt for familiar ones like Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri in a size between 11 or 12. Black text against a white background ensures clarity and readability. When you want to highlight important points, you can use Bold or Italics. Avoid using vibrant colors or overly decorative fonts. Keeping your text simple and straightforward enhances its readability and makes it more accessible to your readers.

2. Create an interesting title page

When someone starts reading your assignment, the first thing they see is the title page. It’s like the face of your assignment. Therefore, make it so nice to capture their eyes. You may use a template to improve the appearance of the title page in order to achieve this. On this page, include important details like your full name, registration or roll number, the name of your course, course code, the title of your assignment, and the due date. Arrange all this information at the center of the page to create a neat and polished appearance. A well-designed title page sets the tone for your entire assignment and shows that you’ve put effort into your work.

3. Include headers and footers

In your assignment, adding headers and footers is important. These are the sections at the top and bottom of the pages. You can put your name, roll number, course number, and page number there.

Remember, every page of your assignment should have a page number, except for the title page and the references or citation page. Page numbers are useful because they help your teachers find their way around your assignment easily. So, always include them; it’s a necessary detail.

4. Follow the spacing rules

Spacing in your assignment is as important as the font you choose. If your university has specific rules about spacing, be sure to follow them. If not, you can use 1 or 1.5 spacing.

Remember to leave a blank line between each paragraph. Instead of using block justify, go for the left-justify option when you present your assignment. If your answer to a question is very long, start it on the next page. Keep the spacing consistent throughout your assignment. Uniformity in spacing makes your assignment look neat and well-organized. 

5. Use headings and subheadings

When you write without any breaks or headings, your assignment can become disorganized and hard to follow. To make it more structured, use brief and interesting subheadings. Moreover, these subheadings should give readers a clue about what each paragraph discusses. Choosing words related to the topic is a good practice. If there are crucial points within a paragraph, consider using subheadings to explain them further.

6. Clarify with examples

Furthermore, providing explanations with relevant examples is essential. Conduct research on your topic and incorporate valid examples that support your discussion. Examples not only enhance understanding for readers but also lend credibility to your assignment. By adding these elements, your assignment becomes well-organized, clear, and informative, ensuring a better grasp of the content.

7. Add visuals like pictures or charts

Adding visual elements like images, tables, diagrams, charts, and graphs can enhance your assignment’s presentation, similar to adding examples.

When a page is only filled with text, it might not catch the reader’s interest. More importantly, readers could find it boring to read. Visual elements, however, can capture their attention effectively. So, consider placing images, charts, or graphs related to your topic amidst the text to make your assignment more engaging. Additionally, whenever you include a visual element, remember to label them with numbers and captions for clarity.

8. Include your sources

At the end of your assignment, it’s crucial to include a reference list. This list should have all the sources you used while writing. Furthermore, you can follow different styles or use the referencing guidelines your university provides.

9. Don’t write too much; be concise

If you’re writing your assignment by hand, avoid overwriting the content. Overwritten text looks messy and unclear. When you’re dealing with a lot of information, it’s easy to make mistakes. So, be cautious and write neatly without scribbling over the words. But this is not a worry for anyone using MS Word or other word processors. 


It is crucial to have an idea of how to make your paper look good. Make sure to implement the methods we discussed when you’re working on your assignments. Begin by selecting a template that suits your content well, and then carefully structure your assignment accordingly. If you find your paper lacking vibrancy or struggle with adhering to the formatting guidelines, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from online services like Assignment Help Canada. These services are equipped with skilled academic writers who offer cost-effective and high-quality assignment writing help tailored to your specific needs. By availing of their online assignment help, you can create a compelling academic paper well before your deadline, ensuring you secure top grades in your class.

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