8 Tips from Famous Writers That Can Make Assignment Writing Easy

Assignment writing can be a difficult task. Especially if you are a college or university student. It is because, at this level, you are asked to perform each step with perfection. The professor expects each document to be unique, informative, and flawless. Apart from this, it should also abide by the instructions and fulfill each requirement. Due to their endless needs, many students struggle to write perfect drafts. Well, do not worry! As in this article, scholars can find interesting tips from famous authors that can make the writing process easy. These professionals are the perfect assignment helpers for your academic challenges. So, let’s move ahead and first discuss the problems faced by students. 

Why Is Assignment Writing Difficult? 

Academic submissions like assignments at the university and college level turn out to be the most complex tasks. It is because, at this stage, the professors have endless requirements and expect a remarkable document from their students. Not only this, the topics of the assignments are also complicated. Thus, collecting data and explaining ideas on such themes becomes even more challenging for young minds. Sometimes, students cannot find adequate information and face writer’s block for days. Moreover, resolving grammatical, formatting, relevancy, and connectivity issues seems impossible. Now, that you know the academic issues, let’s move ahead and discuss the tips from famous authors.

Tips from Famous Authors That Can Assist in Writing Complex Assignments 

In this section, you will find a quick discussion on each point. These tips will resolve your problems, but if you still face any issues, seek help from an online assignment writing service.

1. Neil Gaiman 


The way to do an assignment should be to sit and start and type on the keyboard one word after another until you complete it.

The author here suggests the writers do not stop. It says that to complete the perfect assignment, all students need to do is keep drafting. When you put a halt to the writing part, you forget your ideas and thoughts and welcome more academic challenges. 

2. John Steinbeck


When including dialogues in an assignment, read them aloud as you write. Doing this will help you in judging the sound and tone of speech. 

Students need to consider the tone, writing style, and modulation of the words they utilize. So, reading the dialogue and sentences aloud will assist in identifying the flaws and drafting the perfect lines.

3. Elmore Leonard


If the content of the assignment seems like you are just writing then you better rewrite it.

An assignment should never sound like you are writing for the sake of scoring marks. Your paper should reflect your interest, and only then can you score A+ grades. So, anytime you feel like you are jotting down random sentences, stop and rewrite the section with proper connectivity.

4. Zadie Smith


Students should always protect the time and space where they work on academic tasks. So, keep everyone away from this area, especially your close ones.

Students need online assignment help because they are constantly distracted and waste all their time. Zadie Smith states that every scholar should do their tasks in a peaceful environment and keep all disturbances away. So, while you complete your paper, make sure to work alone.

5. Rose Tremai 


While planning an academic task or a book, never plan the ending because the end is earned by the sections that go before it.


A student should always plan the introduction and main body of an assignment. It is because the ending is the conclusion, and it never contains any new ideas. The final section of the academic papers comprises the summary of the entire document.

6. Will Self


“Always carry a notebook. And I mean always. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper, you can lose an idea forever.” 

Will Self suggests students always roam around with a pen and paper to avoid the goldfish memory. It is because you never know when you will have interesting ideas for a complex document. Sometimes, the best ideas for assignments come when you least search for them.

7. Ernest Hemingway 


There is nothing to drafting sections. All you need to do is to sit in one place, keep typing, and bleed.

Ernest Hemingway says that writing is not a different talent. It is writing down your thoughts, skills, and subject knowledge on a piece of paper. So, while drafting your assignment, make sure to include all your ideas and what you have learned from the extensive research work.

8. Stephen King

Tip: If you do not have time to read then you do not have the correct tools or the time to draft.

Stephen King states that reading is the most vital element of perfect writing. So, your number one hack to drafting the perfect assignment is researching and reading all aspects of the topic. Collect and acquire a complete understanding of the theme before you start the documentation. 


Assignments are one of the most repetitive tasks in a student’s life. Every year, they write hundreds of papers to maintain their high scores. Still, these submissions become more challenging, and steps like researching, drafting, and editing seem impossible. Thus, to assist scholars, this article has gathered excellent tips from the best authors. These writers will act as the perfect assignment helpers and resolve academic challenges. So, read the expert advice and implement it in your next academic task!

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