5 Best Action Camera Microphone Attachments

Finding Best Action Camera Microphone Attachment has never been easy It’s frequently been said, yet it bears rehashing. Terrible sound quality is even more a mood killer in video rather than terrible video quality. On the off chance that you are depending on your camera’s microphone for sound, you will in all likelihood be frustrated eventually.

With your action camera, the arrangement isn’t generally so straightforward as purchasing an outside microphone. You will require an action camera microphone connection. This is on the grounds that most action cameras don’t have a microphone input.

Would you like to support your sound quality to the powerful by further developing sound quality? Then, at that point, read our survey of the best action camera microphone connections.

Step by step instructions to Attach an Outer Microphone

The main hindrance to defeat is the absence of a sound jack. You want to get your sound sign into your action camera. Action cameras come up short on outside microphone input port. This implies you will require a microphone connector to utilize an outside microphone. In any case, with some more seasoned or less expensive action cameras, there probably won’t actually be a choice accessible.

This survey expects that reduced ease of use is fundamentally important for action cameras. This large number of outer microphones will interface with a sound recorder, however that isn’t the concentration here. (As a side note, a sound recorder takes you to a higher level for better sound quality. Basically in light of the fact that it further develops the microphone pre-amp massively.)

Accepting this isn’t the best case for you, then we should continue.

Outside Microphone Connectors for GoPro Cameras

For a GoPro HERO3 or HERO4 action camera, you will require a 3.5mm to USB little B connector to join an outside microphone. This may very well be an unsophisticated dongle. In any case, it will permit you to associate an outer microphone to your GoPro.

GoPro dongle action camera microphone Attachment

For the GoPro HERO5 and later, things become a piece more straightforward. GoPro makes a connector that interfaces with the USB C attachment and gives a 3.5mm and USB C attachment. This is the least complex arrangement from the HERO5 to the HERO7 action cameras.

GoPro USB C Dongle action camera microphone Attachment

The neatest item for the HERO8, HERO9, and HERO10 is GoPro’s own Camera Media Mod. (Albeit comparable, the HERO8 Media Mod doesn’t fit the other two action cameras.)

The Media Mod is a wraparound connector that interfaces with the USB attachment on the action camera. It adds a directional microphone, two virus shoe mounts, and 3.5mm, USB C, and small scale HDMI ports. The vital outside microphone is now better compared to the action camera’s own mic. The mount and the 3.5mm attachment add an enormous scope of potential outcomes.

GoPro Media Mod

Yet, there are two drawbacks. The mod isn’t waterproof and will think twice about action camera’s waterproofing. This implies you can’t utilize it in the event that you figure the camera could get lowered. It likewise adds a layer of intricacy to changing the battery, as it must be totally taken out from the camera to do as such.

An option is the Ulanzi scope of GoPro action camera lodgings. They don’t have the basic outer microphone tracked down on the Media Mod. However, they in all actuality do offer greater adaptability for mounting frill. The lodgings permit more straightforward admittance to the battery and SD card. They likewise give both stand screw and GoPro finger mounting choices. Be that as it may, you will in any case require a USB to 3.5mm connector.

Ulanzi GoPro mount

Outside Microphone Connectors for DJI Osmo Endlessly action 2
Nonexclusive dongles with a USB C to 3.5mm ought to work with DJI Osmo Endlessly action 2 cameras. Be that as it may, it’s smart to constantly check similarity before you purchase. The CYNOVA Osmo Action Double gives a more secluded looking arrangement and adds a USB C port. Similarly as with the GoPro Media Mod, utilizing the connector compromises the waterproofing.

Cynova camera connector

In this way, we’ve figured out the connector circumstance. Presently how about we take a gander at picking an outer microphone for your action camera film.

What is the Best Action Camera Microphone?

We will take a gander at two fundamental kinds of microphones for your action camera — shotgun and lavalier. Which one is ideal for you will rely upon your requirements.

Microphones gather sound in comparative ways yet are intended for various purposes. An action camera microphone will be omnidirectional. This implies it assembles sound from all over. In any case, everything being equal, these microphones catch sound from a 180º field.

A shotgun mic gives you a more directional sound. It will likewise convey further developed sound quality and better wind clamor concealment. It will avoid or diminish sound coming from the side and back, zeroing in on what is straightforwardly before the mic.

A lavalier microphone gathers sound similar as the action camera mic. Its benefit is it gets you very close for meetings or portrayal. This further develops surrounding sound decrease. With an action camera, it’s a horrible idea to secure yourself with wires, so we’ll simply check remote arrangements out.

Instructions to Pick a Lavalier Microphone

The lavalier microphone is at times called a lapel or tie-cut mic. It is natural to all of us from TV. What isn’t generally clear is that they are utilized in dramatizations and movies, stowed away from view. Sound experts like them since you can put them near the sound source.

The lav mics for action cameras we have decided for this survey appear to be unique from television ones. This is on the grounds that they join the transmitter and microphone in one unit. Not all that great for television, however incredible for comfort when in a hurry. It implies there are no following wires, which is significant for the action camera client.

5 Best Action Camera Microphone Attachements

1. Rode Remote Go II

best action camera microphone attachment

Rode is a very much regarded maker of sound items. Furthermore, the Remote Go II is an extraordinary illustration of for what reason they’re so well known. There are two variants, with possibly a couple of transmitters.

They are conservative, square, and effectively convenient. The transmitter joins to the subject’s garments, and the recipient mounts on a cold or hot shoe. You will likewise have to interface the collector to the 3.55 information port of your picked connector.

The transmission range for the remote is cited as 660′ (200 m). So all things considered, anything closer than 330′ (100 m) ought to never be an issue. The transmitter gives installed recording. This implies you will not lose the sound regardless of whether transmission exits.

The Remote Go II purposes Rode’s wellbeing mode. This records a subsequent sound track at – 20 dB. The transmitter saves your sound at a lower volume without cutting, regardless of whether you get overexcited as you dive out of a plane. The Rode telephone application permits control of security mode and different elements. The recipient likewise has a reasonable variety LCD screen for checking a few boundaries.

2. DJI Mic

best action camera microphone attachment

The DJI Mic is explicitly intended for the DJI Osmo Action. It accompanies a virus shoe connector permitting you to utilize it with different cameras, including your action camera. There are two microphone/transmitter units and a beneficiary. Furthermore, they can be generally securely put away in a strong charging convey case. This makes moving, matching, and charging the units straightforward.

You can cut the transmitters to apparel. In the event that that is unrealistic, they likewise have an attractive mount. This is a valuable answer for Shirts or unfastened shirts, for example.

The battery duration is 15 hours and will far outlive the recording time on any action camera. Furthermore, the included deadcats will lessen wind commotion.

Like the Rode Remote Go II, the DJI Mic has installed recording and a security track (of – 6 dB). It additionally has movable increase levels, so you can match the collector’s result to the requirements of your action camera.

DJI Mic action camera microphone Attachment

3. Synco G2

best action camera microphone attachment

I’m remembering this as a competitor for the spending plan outer microphone field. The Synco G2 works on similar standard as the past microphone frameworks. What it needs is the locally available recording, so in the event that your sound drops, you lose that part of the recording. Furthermore, it doesn’t have a wellbeing track by the same token.

Standing by listening to the Synco G2 and Rode Remote Go II one next to the other, the Rode has predominant sound quality. There is less clamor, and the sound is more extravagant. The Rode gives preferred sound quality over the Synco G2.

However, everything is relative. The Synco will give you better voice recording a good ways off than the action camera’s underlying microphone. If you would rather not spend the cash on the Rode (or the DJI, which is significantly more costly), then the Synco merits a look.

Synco G2 action camera microphone connection

Instructions to Pick a Shotgun Microphone

A shotgun microphone is more directional than lavalier mics. It’s intended to catch the sound coming from the heading it’s pointing in. This further develops sound quality by diminishing undesirable outside commotion.

A shock mount will decrease the commotion sent through the action camera lodging. What’s more, a deadcat will assist with handling wind commotion. These are convenient elements given how you utilize an action camera.

In the event that you have gone the GoPro Media Mod course, you as of now have a shotgun mic (of sorts). It is by a wide margin the littlest choice and is switchable among front and back confronting. As a rule, it will offer higher sound quality than the underlying mics. However, it’s not equivalent to an outside microphone. The provided froth windshield will assist with wind commotion, yet not generally so much as a deadcat.

4. Movo VXR10 Star

best action camera microphone attachment

The Movo VXR10 Star shotgun microphone is a shock-mounted minimal shotgun mic. The mic accompanies links to interface with your action camera or a cell phone. It likewise accompanies a movement pocket and a deadcat windshield.

The Movo VXR10 Master has a more extravagant sound with less high-recurrence reaction than the Rode. The drawback of this is that in exceptionally blustery circumstances, the Movo will in general get an excessive amount of breeze commotion. This is valid even with the deadcat introduced.

This may be an issue, considering that action cameras invest such a large amount their energy in nature. Costing this much, nothing unexpected there’s no high-pass channel or gain control. Be that as it may, there is an earphone attachment so you can screen your recording.

Movo VXR10 action camera microphone connection

5. Sairen VM-Q1

best action camera microphone attachment

I’ve as of late gone over Sairen. Yet, the VM-Q1 microphone is drawing in a few positive surveys. The mic comes at an extremely low cost. It is exceptionally conservative and accompanies a shock mount, deadcat, and froth windshields.

Sound quality is a hodgepodge, as something like one commentator found that the links included with the mic were exceptionally uproarious. That being said, with a link redesign, the sound is great at the cost section.

What’s more, once more, recall, in any event, utilizing a financial plan mic like this will fundamentally further develop the sound nature of your video recording. The Sairen VM-Q1 doesn’t have an earphone jack, so you will not have the option to screen the sound in a hurry.

Sairen VM-Q1 action camera microphone Attachment


We should remind ourselves why we’re checking outside microphones out. An outer microphone altogether builds the sound nature of your video accounts. This is valid in practically any situation.

You want to consider the sort of recording you do, the circumstances you do it in, and your financial plan. This will figure out which of these outer microphones will be ideal for you.

For effortlessness and usability, the Rode Remote Go II is a superb decision for a lavalier microphone. In the event that you have the additional cash, the DJI Mic is a truly appealing decision. The charging travel case and attractive mounting choices are extraordinary highlights.

With a shotgun microphone, the decision is offsetting execution with individual inclination. My own decision would be the Boya BY-MM1 in light of the lavishness of its sound. The best action camera microphone connection for your requirements will be a harmony between execution, cost, and individual inclination.

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