3D Lenticular Postcards Printing Service – What to Remember When Searching for the Best Prices and Quality?

Postcards are a popular means of reaching your clients that are far-flung across the globe. The possibilities are endless, whether you’re printing postcards to hand out during your next campaign or want to print as promotional tools for any upcoming events.

Whenever you’re printing a postcard, you’re printing the main text of the card. The card’s type, layout, and design are completely up to you. Since you’re using these cards for peer-to-peer communication, the main text doesn’t matter. With the help of a 3D lenticular postcards printing service, you can include any content on the card, such as a note for your clients, a funny picture, an inspiring quote, and so on.

What is 3D Lenticular Postcard Printing?

3D lenticular postcard printing is a type of 3D printing that uses a special process to produce vertical and horizontal layers that interlock to form a three-dimensional image when the card is viewed from any angle. Instead of printing a single color on the card, like a traditional two-color 3D printing process, a 3D lenticular printer prints in multiple colors to create a three-dimensional image. The image is created by projecting light from a light source into a lenticular lens. The light source used in 3D lenticular printing can be a LED light, a light bulb, a laser, or other light sources. If you want to get more creative, you can also use different translucent pigments to create a three-dimensional effect.

Types of 3D Lenticular Postcard Printing

There are many types of 3D lenticular postcard printing, with the most common being offset lithography (also known as offset printing) and digital printing.

Offset Lithography: In this method of 3D printing, a photo-realistic model is created by scanners, and the model is then transferred to a computer for 3D printing. The model is then sent to the printer by the computer via a computer-generated path.

Digital Printing: This method uses additive manufacturing technology, which means the model is first broken down into smaller pieces, and then printed on a 3D printer. Once the model is printed, it is sent to the post-production step, where it is photographed, and its color, texture, and other features are provided to the modeler so that they can create a final model.

Different Types of 3D Lenticular Postcards

In this section, we’ll list some of the most common types of 3D lenticular postcards and explain how they differ.

One-off: In one-off 3D printing, you’ll create a single postcard that will be printed and sent as a one-off gift. This is a good option for when you don’t want to share the card with others or if you want to send one card to a single person.

Limited Edition: This type of 3D printing is ideal for creating limited-edition posters. Traditionally, limited editions were handcrafted by artists, but with the advent of 3D printing, this type of printing has become more accessible.

What You Need to Know Before You Start Production?

When deciding how to produce your postcards, you’ll need to consider your brand’s image strategy. The most important thing you can do is to get it right the first time. All your postcards should use the same general imagery and design. Your branding and design should also follow the same general principles as everything else you include in your card.

How to Successfully Use Lenticular Postcards in Advertisements?

First and foremost, you need a Lenticular Postcard Printing Service. While many online services can produce printed Lenticular Postcards, they’re not ideal because you have to deal with the hassles of printing and shipping them. Most online printing services use a digital workflow that can deliver a wide variety of results, but quality control has one significant downside. While every effort is made to ensure that every printed card is of high quality, it’s impossible to ensure 100 per cent homogeneity across the board. That’s why you need a trusted Lenticular Postcard Printing Service. We help you create consistent, high-quality products at affordable rates.

The Importance of an Effective Imaging Solution

An effective imaging solution will produce stunning results, whether printing a single card or a series. It will enable you to get the most out of your brand and its messages by creating an engaging and memorable visual experience that will last long after the campaign has ended.

Should You Try 3D Lenticular Postcards Printing?

3D lenticular postcard printing is an affordable and effective way to communicate your message to your potential clients. Although not everyone will love your card, at least you can be sure that the person receiving the postcard will have the information you put into the card. As you might have guessed, it’s not easy, so we recommend you choose the one that provides the best value for your money.

Final Take

The possibilities for 3D lenticular postcards are almost endless. Whether you want to give a few cards as a gift or have a large reunion and want to print up 100,000 cards, we have the perfect solution for you. 3D lenticular postcard printing is a great way to reach out to people. And best of all, you can do it online!


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