12 Common Terms Used in a Dog Show

Pets are treated like family members in the current times, and pet owners spare no opportunity to treat them with good food, provide them with superior medical care through the best pet insurance, take them to recreational events like pupper parties, pet parades, pet shows, and more.

If you are a dog owner, you might be aware of popular pet events in your local area or city. Such events undoubtedly offer a bigger play area for your pet pooch; however, as a dog owner, you must know the dangers of socialization.

Too many pups in a place mean your furry baby is more prone to contracting allergies, infections, diseases, and more. Even when many pet event organizers prioritize pet safety, you never know when your little pupper will fall ill because of the increased exposure to allergens and other harmful pathogens in heavily crowded areas. It is one reason why you must consider having a medical financial backup.

Dog insurance in NZ helps support your furry companion with quality healthcare during accidents, allergies, injuries, and health emergencies, which is why you must consider purchasing a policy. Whether your puppy is confined to indoor life or is a globetrotter going places, still your furry baby deserves to get timely diagnosis and treatment during sickness and other distressing health situations.

While you reflect on purchasing the best pet insurance for your pup, read this article to learn about some standard terms used in a dog show.  

Standard terminology

If you are a new attendee to dog shows, you must know a few terms generally used there so you can conveniently enjoy the show rather than spend time guessing what they mean during the event.


It is the word used to refer to a non-neutered male canine.


It is the word used to refer to an unspayed female canine.


This word is used for a mother dog with a litter of puppies.

4.Bench show

When puppies are not in the showing ring, they are allocated separate benches in this type of show. The people from the gathering can approach each puppy to understand more about it.

5.Breed standard

It specifies each breed’s ideal physical, working, and character traits. All puppies participating in the event are judged against their breed standards.


This word is used to describe how well the physical and structural traits of a puppy matches with its breed standard. Sometimes dog shows are also known as “Conformation shows”.


It is an item used to garner a canine fur baby’s attention in the show ring. For instance, the object can be a toy or treat. At the same time, you need to know that not all dog shows allow the use of bait.


The way a puppy moves and runs around in the ring. A dog’s gait is judged to check if it conforms with the breed standard.


It is used to describe a puppy’s standing posture. Particular dog breeds have unique standing postures.


This word refers to dog handlers who show a pup in the show ring. Note that they may/may not be puppy owners.


A licensed dog show judge who can assess puppies belonging to different breeds.


A puppy with a particular score is awarded the title “Champion” in the dog show.

Let your furry little friend delight in the dog show; however, don’t ignore the health risks of taking them to a gala occasion like this. Be prepared with the best pet insurance so your fur kid is safeguarded while attending the dog show and afterwards. Dog insurance NZ can help manage unexpected pet health expenses with little stress without having to compromise on your furry baby’s healthcare.

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