10 Expert Tips to Write a Book Review Assignment in Literature

What is a book review? It is a piece of academic writing that analyzes a book’s words and the speaker’s intent. Using all this, it offers a critical evaluation of the same to readers. It also helps students understand how to write a book and persuade their readers. So, if you are a scholar who is assigned a literature review, then do not worry! This article is the perfect assignment helper for you! It brings amazing tips on how to draft an AC document.

“How Do I Write a Book Review Assignment?” Know Expert Tips 

Now, let’s have a look at the best tips for writing a book review assignment in literature.

1. Read the Book

The first step is reading the book thoroughly. You should highlight all the elements, such as the writing and persuading strategies used by the author. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of the characters, the theme, the suspense, and the intended message.

2. Review the Instructions

After reading the book, review the instructions given by the professor. You should understand all the instructions before you start writing the assignment. If you have any doubts or queries, then the best alternative to resolving these issues is to contact the professor or an online expert.

3. Understand the Plot

Now, before jumping to the drafting, you should understand the plot of the book. How did the writer describe the characters and the settings? Sometimes the writer uses metaphors to describe specific features of the story. So, don’t be confused, and keep reading until you get a clear idea.

4. Know Writer’s Intent 

Every story, novel, book, and even a page has a motivation for writing. You should know what the writer’s intent was in drafting this content. Did he wish to convey a message or share a piece of his own life? Describing the speaker’s intent can make your book review top-scoring.

5. Take Key Notes

Yes, taking notes while reading the book is extremely important. As all these novels have hundreds of pages, remembering so many things is not an easy task. So take note of all the important elements of the novel. Especially note down the important quotes written by the author, as each sentence can have a great impact.

6. Write the Introduction

The first section of the draft is the introduction. It should include background information, like the name of the author. Also, state when it was published and other things, like why it is the best literature piece of all time. If the book comprises achievements like the number one seller and more, then describe them too. If you are not good at writing, then you can always seek the aid of an online assignment writing service.

7. Describe the Author

Yes, describing the author is extremely important. Every literature student should shine the spotlight on the author’s life if they want to score the highest marks in class. This element shows that if you have done extensive research, start with explaining the writer’s early life, then notable accomplishments, a famous book, the first literary piece, and more. Finding ample data on some authors can be tough, but not if you seek online assignment help from an expert.

8. Explain the Motive 

Understanding the writer’s motive for students is important. But explaining this intention to the readers is more vital. You should describe the messages delivered by the writer. Also, define the strategies the author used to accomplish his motive.

9. Define the Message

Like every academic piece of writing, the literature review also comprises the thesis statement. But here it acts like a message: What message of the author do you wish to highlight? It should be the element that inspired you the most. It can be the quote, the plot twist, or anything else that leaves an imprint on you as a reader.

10. Use Quotes and Examples 

The best way to explain the book review is by using famous quotes and examples of the novel itself. So, go back to your highlighted texts and pick out a few sections that you can describe to the readers. Explain these elements in your document one by one. Also, the best way to start the assignment is by using one of the famous quotes written by the author.

11. Summarize the Book

In the end, before the conclusion, summarize the entire book. Leave a short trail of the complete story. Start from the beginning and introduce the characters, the theme, the plot, the suspense, and the climax. You readers should know the entire story in a snap.

12. Pen the Final Thoughts 

This is the final section of your literature report. Here, you need to state your opinions on the book and the author. You can address both the best features and the limitations. Also, describe if the story is worth reading for the audience.

13. Proofreading and Editing 

Before submitting the final document, you need to proofread it. Check for grammatical errors, punctuation, relevancy, and connectivity. You are a literature student, and your assignments should reflect remarkable language proficiency. So review the content again and again until it’s perfect. 


Writing a literature report assignment is a complicated task for many students. Especially the ones with poor language proficiency. But it is not impossible, especially if you follow the tips given above. So, comply with the expert tips of Do My Assignment and seek online assistance when needed.

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