Wedding essential to check before the D-Day

The wedding day is the most auspicious day for the couple. Some people dream of this day for their whole life. It is everyone’s fantasy to have a perfect wedding without anything going wrong. 

But it’s so difficult to achieve that because there is always something that might get messed up on the D-Day like someone might forget to check the online cake delivery in Mumbai before the timing. 

It is true that you can’t keep a check on all these things throughout the time but you can definitely keep a check on all these things beforehand and let somebody else keep a track of these things so nothing gets messed up on your wedding day. Though there are many things that are significant on a wedding day, we have included the top ones which you can actually control. Here is the list, you can start marking checks if you have already done the arrangements for them:


The wedding ceremony is incomplete without rings. The ring ceremony is sometimes done before or after the wedding ceremony. If it is being held at the same time then the pressure is doubled. You have to keep the ring safe and bring it with you to the ceremony. You can also hand over the task to someone elder or more responsible you will bring it to you during the ceremony. 

Wedding attires

Wedding couples spend weeks and months deciding on their wedding attire. This makes it even more important that they are kept in the same condition till the wedding date. You don’t want to ruin it in any way before you actually wear it. It can be kept safe in a bag that is waterproof so even if anything spills on it it doesn’t get harmed. Check the fittings and alterations a week before the wedding. Keep all the accessories intact with the bag so you don’t spend much time searching for them. 


You won’t have to spend hours on this pointer because the wedding planner will take care of that. But you still have to take a look at the menu list which is made on D-Day. There can be different issues or changes with the menu which might affect the arrangements. It is not necessary to take a full check but a quick glance will also do the work. 


The wedding ceremony becomes more beautiful with the decorations. You can check this pointer even a week before the wedding. Contact the wedding planner and the decoration head to give you a quick trip to the venue and their plans. If they have any suggestions you can consider them as well and give you a final call a couple of days before the wedding. You can ask any of your family or friends to check the final decoration and give it a pass.


Wedding cakes have become a significant part of the wedding ceremony. No matter which style of wedding celebration you are having, cakes are mandatory in those events. You might have already decided on the cake, its design, and flavor but at the time of delivery, something might get wrong. For those times you can definitely go for available options even though they don’t match your expectations. Just go for the beautiful cake with your favorite flavor like you will buy a birthday cake online. There is nothing wrong with last-minute plans. 

Bags for gifts

Wedding couples are celebrating with their friends and family. It is obvious that you will be getting lots of gifts on that day from them. You might have done all the arrangements for the storage of gifts but there will be many small guests, cards, and envelopes which cannot be left by themselves and you will need a separate bag to hold them. For this, you have to inform the party which is looking after these things or any member of your family.


After checking all the arrangements and decorations the only task which is left is the completion of the ceremony. Once the wedding ceremony is over there are many things to pack like precious things like jewelry, clothes, and gifts. You might want to assign this work to only a few people. It is also possible that you let the planner’s team do the work but someone will take care of the process by guiding them and managing them. 

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